Developed by Ninsaúde, the Apolo system has been used in several medical offices, clinics, and institutions not only in Brazil but also in other countries. One of these institutions is Azidus Brasil - Scientific Research and Development.

Azidus is a Representative Organization for Clinical Research that offers complete services and solutions for the development and registration of medicines, health products, cosmetics, and food in the main regulatory agencies of the world. With 20 years of experience in the market, Azidus is present in Brazil (in the cities of Valinhos and São Paulo), India, and the USA.

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With a team of more than 180 professionals, the Azidus team is focused on solving problems and delivering results with speed and quality, minimizing risks, and targeting the plan for an adequate launch of products that can offer benefits to society. Azidus offers a range of services for early-stage clinical research and non-clinical research consultancy. Its client portfolio includes big names such as Bayer, Eurofarma, O Boticário, Natura, EMS Pharma, Aché, etc.

How does Ninsaúde Apolo help Azidus?

It is important to know that a clinical trial does not exist without the participation of volunteers, and thanks to them, technological and scientific companies like Azidus can prove the effectiveness and safety of a product. Therefore, the collaboration of these volunteers makes it possible to develop new treatments for diseases, vaccines, and cosmetics.

Every volunteer must comply with a schedule of visits to the research center, and for this schedule to be monitored, the volunteer must have a record so that their visits can be scheduled. With that in mind, in May 2021 Azidus started a partnership with Ninsaúde and, in this way, started using the Apolo software.

With Ninsaúde Apolo, the Azidus team can register its volunteers and schedule their visits in an organized way, facilitating the work even at the time of confirmation of your attendance. For this, Azidus uses Nina's automatic confirmations functionality, a virtual assistant for the integration made between Apolo and Confirmation Call. With this tool, patients receive text messages, emails, or WhatsApp whose purpose is to confirm or cancel their attendance on the scheduled dates.

In addition, Azidus also benefits from the recurring appointments available on the Apolo schedule, where the objective is to facilitate the booking of visits that are repeated for a certain period, as is the case of volunteers who need to have this monitoring in their schedule. You can learn more details about this functionality in our article: "How can I schedule repeat appointments more easily?".

Check below the testimony of Tânia A. Lopes Pinheiro and Gabrielle Sakaue, Clinical Operations Director and Clinical Operations Manager at Azidus, respectively. They commented on the processes carried out at Azidus, the importance of the company to the health market, and how Ninsaúde Apolo helps in this journey.

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