Ninsaúde Apolo is a management software that operates in the health market, helping clinics and offices in their care. Home care clinics are also benefiting from Ninsaúde Apolo features, and one of them is the Brazilian homecare Servir Saúde.

Servir Saúde Homecare is a company that specialized in Home Care and has been operating in the market since 2015 in the city of Aracaju, Sergipe - Brazil. Currently dealing with around 110 patients, Servir Saúde Homecare acts in a multidisciplinary way offering services in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychology, nutrition, and occupational therapy. To improve its services, Servir Saúde now uses the Ninsaúde Apolo software, which manages not only to register the patients seen but also to perform the invoicing of health plans.

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As in any clinic or office, work in Home Care must always prioritize humanized care, but, in Home Care, there is an even greater impulse to provide care in such a way, since the professionals of this modality can have closer contact with the patient at their homes and better understand their needs.

Home care also has the advantage of being fully individualized and personalized. For this reason, Home Care gives the health professional the possibility of having greater contact and interaction not only with the patient, but also with their families, and can also be integrated into the household routine. This provides a broader view to the professional, allowing to analyze during treatment which environmental and family factors may interfere with the current state of the patient.

Committed to humanely serving its patients and with quality services, The professionals of Servir Saúde Domiciliar have used Ninsaúde Apolo in their daily lives to facilitate their work, mainly regarding the billing of agreements.

Check out below the testimony of Tarcísio de Souza Martins, manager of Servir Saúde Homecare. He comments on the processes carried out at Servir Saúde, the importance of the company to the health market, and how Ninsaúde Apolo helps in this journey.

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