Scheduled to take place from May 17th to 20th, the 27th Brazilian Hospitalar Fair will take place at São Paulo Expo and Ninsaúde will be present at the event. Besides talking about managing clinics and offices using Apolo software, Ninsaúde is also preparing for launching a mobile application that will help independent healthcare professionals who serve in various locations.

To promote good business, the Brazilian Hospital Fair covers all health sectors, ensuring success for the entire production chain in this area. The following sectors are present at the Brazilian Hospital Fair: Technology, Consumables, Facilities, Infrastructure and Architecture, Rehabilitation, International, Home Care, and Diagnostic Equipment and Laboratories.

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With areas dedicated to each sector, the Brazilian Hospital Fair is a great place to increase your networking and meet more people engaged in health projects. This is an opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to stay on top of what is new in their field and thus exchange knowledge with people and companies that share the same ideas.

Ninsaúde, for example, fits into Hospital Technology, This is an area dedicated to companies and startups of technology applied to health. Health professionals who visit there will be able to learn about new software that will help in their care, as is the case of Ecodoc, which will be launched by Ninsaúde during the fair. In this area, there will also be spaces with free lectures, demonstrations, and knowledge generation. This is also where the International Digital Forum, the main forum for technology applied to health, also takes place.

For those who wish to receive updates on equipment and solutions for rehabilitation, orthopedics, physiotherapy, home care, de-hospitalization, electro-medical, orthotics, and prostheses, among others, the indicated area is Hospital Rehabilitation.

However, if you want to find suppliers of consumables and products for clinical analysis, pathology, pharmacies, hospitals, and equipment, visit the Hospital Consumables area.

You can also visit the Internacional area, destined to concentrate foreign companies present at the event, which will be distributed in pavilions that represent their countries.

Solutions and products for catering, vending machines, kitchen, laundry, energy, in addition to air conditioning, hospitality, infrastructure, and architecture, among others, will be exposed in the area dedicated to Facilities, Infrastructure, and Architecture. You can also find Facilities Innovation here, a space for demonstrations and presentations of resources in this segment, and also the Facilities Hospitalar congress.

At Home Care and Equipment, you will find solutions in equipment and machinery for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, finding solutions, equipment, and services for Home Care and Transition Care in the Home Care area.

Finally, you can still visit the local Hospital Diagnostics and Laboratories where you will find solutions and innovations for laboratories, diagnosis, and clinical analysis.


Ninsaúde launches a new APP at the Brazilian Hospital Fair: what's to come?

Taking advantage of the occasion of this very important event, Ninsaúde will take to the 27th Brazilian Hospital Fair another product intended for the use of health professionals, thus launching the long-awaited Ecodoc.

Ecodoc is an application where health professionals can manage their patients, and to use it the user does not need to be online, however, some more functions are available when the user is connected to the internet. Ecodoc will be a standalone app from Apolo and will be translated into 13 languages.

The data entered by the user will be saved not only on their device but also in the cloud through a server, thus preventing information from being lost if the user changes devices.

With the Ecodoc app, healthcare professionals will be able to register their patients using not only their registration name but also their social name (a field also available in the Apolo software, from Ninsaúde). The search for these patients can be done by voice without the need for typing, and the app will also have the import and transcription of not only audio but also image files.

After its launch, the Ecodoc application will be available on Android and IOS platforms. It was designed for those professionals who like to be always connected with their patients, accessing and updating their information in real-time using just a smartphone.

At the Hospital Fair, Ninsaúde will also have the opportunity to present the Apolo software to a greater number of health professionals who do not yet know it. Ninsaúde Apolo is a management system for clinics and offices that has several features that help secretaries, doctors, and the entire financial sector of the clinic. With it, in addition to taking care of appointments and making calls, it is possible to create marketing actions. You can find out a little more about this product in our article "Ninsaúde Apolo: everything you need to know about the software".

Get ready for the event

For the first time, the largest health sector fair in Latin America will be held at the São Paulo Expo, a pavilion of events located in the district of Jabaquara, the south zone of the city of São Paulo. Check the location:

  • If you go by car, remember that the location of the São Paulo Expo pavilion is outside the municipal vehicle restriction perimeter. By car you have quick access to the main hotels in the region, you will be 10 minutes from Rodoanel Mário Covas, 10 minutes from Congonhas Airport, and 850 meters from the Jabaquara subway. São Paulo Expo also has covered parking.
  • To get to São Paulo Expo via private transport apps, just put "São Paulo Expo, Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km 1.5" at your destination.
  • If you intend to take the subway to the Hospital Fair 2022, just get off at Jabaquara station, on the Blue line. At the exit of the terminal, there will be a free transfer for all visitors, which leaves every 20 minutes. Plan if you choose this means of transport.

Source: Hospitalar 2022

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