Facebook is a great social network to attract new patients and even retain older ones, because, through creative and publicly useful posts, many people will be able to reach your page, and consequently to your clinic or office, in addition to bringing health professionals even closer to patients.

Here on the blog we have already passed some tips so that clinics and health professionals can create marketing strategies using the internet, and in case you haven’t already checked, just access the links below:

Now let's talk about posts on social networks, more specifically on Facebook. As mentioned in other articles here on the blog, it is important to maintain a certain frequency in social media posts so that this generates a closer relationship between the patient and the health professional.

However, it is important to know how to define which types of posts attract the most attention and consequently generate more engagement.

Engagement: what does it mean?

Recently, the term engagement has been used a lot when it comes to social networks, and this word is strongly linked to the fact that an individual participates in something voluntarily.

In the digital context, we can say that engagement is a marketing concept used to indicate how close the company and the consumer are, as well as their potential customers.

In this sense, we can say that creating posts that generate engagement means creating posts that encourage your followers to not only give a "like" but also interact frequently by commenting and even sharing with friends.

Now that you understand the concept of engagement, check out how to create posts that will make your audience interact more, and consequently contribute to your digital marketing.

Keep frequency on posts

It is useless to create super elaborate posts if your page is only updated once a month or even less. Frequency is important as Facebook has been limiting content delivery, and pages that are not updated often rarely reach all of their followers.

The ideal is to update the page daily, being able to interchange between the published themes and thus create varied posts that make your page more attractive. If this is not possible, reserve at least 1 to 3 days a week to post updates, and you can publish every other day.

Use the text + image combo

Many pages sin when typing that famous "long text" without inserting an image that illustrates the situation, and what makes the act flawed is the fact that images add to the text causing it to draw even more attention to those who are viewing the news feed.

It is interesting to use good quality images and bet on the use of illustrations, but always punctuating the originality and preferably having the name of the clinic or health professional in the art, so that it prevents other professionals from using it and taking credit for it.

Another point is the issue of posts with texts inserted in the image itself. You can even use this practice, but the idea is to insert at least one caption so that the content becomes richer and of higher quality, acting as a stimulus for the followers of the page to interact with the posts.

Keep your patients informed of the news

It is important to expose updates not only of your specialty but also of the clinic or office in general. For example, let's say you attended a conference, this is a chance to share your experience on the page on the page.

Have you participated in symposia or courses in general to improve your work? Share! Your patients will love to know that they are consulting with someone highly qualified and that seeks to keep up to date with the most modern treatments and appropriate to the problems of their specialty.

Another example is when the clinic or office starts offering a new service or brings news that will add to the care of patients. This is an opportunity to share on your Facebook page and keep patients updated on the positive changes that are happening.

Respond to comments

Having multiple comments on your posts is indicative of high engagement, and for your page to always stay at this pace, it's important to show how happy you are with that comment and respond to it in the best possible way.

Whenever a follower has a comment answered, they feel so special for being noticed that it makes them want to interact more and more and thus generate the long-awaited engagement we seek.

But remember, it's not all flowers. There may be unnecessary and even hostile comments on social networks, and with this type of user, it is better to be cautious. On this point, it is important to take into account the tips we have passed on how to deal with comments on social networks.

Invest in the famous "Did you know?"

Bringing information in the form of curiosity is always a good technique to draw attention, and in the area of health, this type of tool can be explored a lot.

You can reveal curiosities about your specialty, discoveries that have revolutionized medicine, or even prevention tips, treatments, and differentiated services offered at your clinic.

That way, in addition to interacting, you will be passing quality content with relevant information to your followers. Curiosities can also generate more shares, and by having a shared post, the chances of your page getting more followers increases, as well as the prospect of new future patients.

Bet on infographics

Infographics are content composed of visual and verbal information and are usually made of graphics, illustrations, and other types of media. In other words, it can be said that the infographic is a visual representation of information or data.

In this sense, infographics become a good posting option because many patients, when searching for content in the health area, expect to find true and reliable data, for example, based on statistics.

The purpose of infographics is to facilitate understanding of complex information by providing a quick overview of a subject, often displaying search results or data.

And these were today's tips for achieving success with creative Facebook posts, generating engagement, and the interest of your patients and followers so that they can contribute to the growth of your page, share with friends, and indicate your work.

Keep visiting the blog for more tips like these, and if you still don't use medical software to help manage your clinic, be sure to visit Ninsaúde Apolo.