Making use of the internet to publicize your work is always a welcome idea, after all, most people are already considered active users of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

However, in 2018 there was a strong wave of Fake News in Brazil that was intensified with the more frequent use of Whatsapp and mass messaging. This is undoubtedly one of the disadvantages of social networks, as there is a great facility to spread false news, which ends up harming people and especially companies.

In social networks like Facebook and Instagram, there is also this concern about what they are talking about you, however in these cases, there is greater control of the situation, since this occurs through public comments, that is, anyone can view them, including the page administrator, so if that comment is offensive, it may be deleted.

Constructive criticism or unnecessary hatred?

Regarding the types of comments, we know that not everything is flowers, so it is necessary to be prepared not only for praises but also for criticism. Social networks are perfect for the patient to give positive feedback, but when he decides to list what he did not like about the service, it becomes a problem.

Although criticisms are not welcomed, when they are constructive, it is necessary to consider them to improve your work and seek to grow more and more in the face of the competition. Unlike this, we have the aggressive comments of the so-called haters, people who make any offensive comment without any basis, just to provoke discord.

Constructive criticism when done correctly should be answered in a way that the patient feels understood and that empathizes with the situation he has been through. Aggressive and unfounded comments, on the other hand, should be ignored, otherwise, you will be opening room for unnecessary discussions that end up dirtying your image instead of assisting in the clinic's marketing.