Social networks have been an important tool to bring companies closer to their customers, and in the health area, it is no different. Many health professionals are already present on the web to publicize their work, and thus reach a larger number of patients.

The fact is that there are some tricks for publications on social networks to reach a larger number of people and consequently have the expected effect, but these tools are not always used correctly.

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The first thing to note is the way the posts are made and their frequency. Some profiles sin in this sense and stay weeks without updates, which is bad for the marketing of any business whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, because as the saying goes, “who is not seen, is not remembered”, so the importance frequency.

The ideal is to focus on daily posts or as many times as you can in the week so that there are not too long spaces between them. These posts must be linked to your specialty, however, formal language is not mandatory, as this way you can further distance your followers and potential patients.

Another very common mistake is not using all the features that social networks offer properly.  On Instagram for example, besides the photos that appear in the timeline, it is also possible to use the stories tool, which allows you to make posts that can only be viewed in a short period since after 24 hours they disappear.
In the stories, it is possible to include, in addition to images, videos, and texts, which is great for helping a flash promotion for example, or even other types of content that do not need as much emphasis as those posted on the timeline. The images used both in the timeline and in the stories must be clear and of good quality so that they do not visually pollute the news feed.

Facebook is the ideal social network to share links, such as your website. On Instagram, this is also possible, but some features are blocked and are only available for profiles with more than 10,000 followers. There is no such problem on Facebook, so if the clinic has a website or blog, the Facebook page is the right place to advertise them, since the click-through rate will be much higher.

Finally, avoid posting the same thing on all social networks on the same day and time. On Instagram for example, as soon as you make a post there is a feature where you can automatically share it on Facebook and other social networks that are linked to it. Avoid using this feature often, as many people who follow your profile on Facebook also follow on Instagram, which ends up making everything very repetitive.

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