With the practicality that technology has been providing us and easy access to the internet, it is without a doubt that searching for information online on a certain subject has already become a habit, and when it comes to matters related to health it could not be different.

Many people search Google for diseases, symptoms, medications, and of course, healthcare professionals. Searches range from an interest in getting the clinic to contact you to scheduling an appointment to even finding out about your reputation.

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We call online reputation the image that professionals have in the digital environment. This reputation is built from information available on the web, usually indexed on social networks or websites targeted at evaluations.

In the area of medicine, for example, there are some sites where patients can evaluate the health professional's service, thus generating a rating that may interfere positively or negatively in their online reputation. So check out some tips that we have developed so you can improve your marketing and build a good reputation online.

Be present on social media

As we already mentioned in our article "How to attract patients through digital content", it is extremely important that health professionals are present on the web to gain prominence and publicize their work. In this sense, it is important that your patients also find you on social networks, since the number of users increases every day and in this way, the patient feels safer for already knowing him, even if it is only through the internet.

Separate the professional from the staff on social networks

You must have a unique profile to interact with patients and publicize your work, as it is not always a good idea to do this through a personal profile. Besides having more freedom to post to your target audience, this way you avoid possible speculation and judgments about your private life.

On Facebook, for example, it is possible to create a page, called Fanpages, generally used by companies and artists to publicize work and also so that their fans can follow them. In the area of medicine, the pages are also indicated, since through them patients can also make comments and assessments about their care.

Know how to deal with criticism and complaints

It is curious how on the internet people create certain courage to debate issues and give opinions that they might not. In this sense, it is important to be attentive to negative comments and know how to answer them correctly.

Complaints must always be answered so that both the complainant and others know that you care and pay due attention to the opinion of your patients. Also, based on criticism, it is possible to know where you are going wrong and thus improve in some aspects.