Marketing is an essential tool for attracting new patients, and can even guarantee the permanence of those who have already visited the clinic. There are several ways to publicize your business and get feedback from patients, so we’ve listed some actions that can help you improve your clinic’s marketing.

Just a moment before we continue, did you know that the Ninsaúde Apolo health clinic and office management system can help you with marketing? We try to make your life more simple, and discover exclusive advantages here.

Maintain a good physical structure

Surely you have heard the phrase "the first impression is what remains", right? When opening a clinic or office it applies very well, as it is necessary to have a good physical structure that can provide comfort and safety to patients.

Invest in an air-conditioned environment and always maintain the hygiene and organization of the place, so your patients will be able to share the experience they had at the clinic with other people.

Invest in service excellence

Having service excellence is strongly linked to humanized service. The patient needs to feel confident in the health professional who serves him, and this is only possible by establishing a good dialogue during the consultation and demonstrating empathy and professional ethics.

To build a quality relationship, it is necessary to be able to deal with the patient's emotional aspects, always respecting his intimacy, beliefs, and desires.

Conduct satisfaction surveys

Satisfaction surveys are important for obtaining patient feedback and defining points for improvement. How to apply satisfaction surveys? They are usually sent by email, on Ninsaúde Apolo for example, in addition to this form of sending there is also the possibility to create a QR Code for the patient to answer the survey at the clinic through a tablet or the smartphone itself.

Work on prospecting old patients

In addition to attracting new patients, it is always good to maintain a good relationship with those who have already been to the clinic. First, patients' loyalty must be worked on and then prospected.

To find out who are the patients who have scheduled a single appointment and have not returned, Ninsaúde Apolo has a prospecting report that indicates exactly the date of the last visit, the service used, among other information, such as the telephone number to contact.

Build a website

Being present in the online world is essential to capture those patients who do not yet know the clinic and would like to be on top of the services offered and specialties that provide care.  The site must have good navigability and clear and accurate information about the clinic, in addition to being able to make the appointment online.  Online scheduling makes it possible to increase the number of appointments and gives more convenience to the patient, which can be included on a website or social network.

Use social networks

Being present on social networks is almost mandatory nowadays, as most of their patients are also there. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, social networks are great tools for dissemination, and what's better: they are free.

You can create daily posts like information and tips on healthy living, but always be aware of the rules imposed by CFM (Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine) regarding the use of social networks by health professionals.

Invest in online ads

Whether on social media or Google, you can create ads to reach a larger number of potential patients. On social media, these ads usually include images and a brief description, like a sentence, or you can even insert the link to the clinic's website that will appear as “sponsored”.

Another widely used option is Google Ads, a tool that allows ads in text, graphics, and video formats, and will be displayed whenever someone performs a search on Google that relates to the keywords used in the ad. That way, whenever someone searches for the service that your clinic offers, your page is highlighted.