Do you have a large clinic or office with spare rooms? Or maybe you're on the other side of the story, being a health professional at the beginning of his career and still does not have a place to perform his care. Well, for both the first case and the second, we have a tip: benefit from renting rooms.

In the health area, it is very common for administrators of clinics and offices to provide rooms for the care of external professionals, by paying rent. This practice helps those health professionals who still do not have a place to care for their patients, but it also benefits the clinic, which in turn will receive extra income.

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At first, it may not seem like a good deal, this mix of works in the same environment, but the fact is that this kind of partnership yields advantages both for those who are renting the space and for the professional who will use it. Check out some of these benefits below.

Benefits for the healthcare professional

Opening a place for service is not always an easy task, because besides the capital you will invest, it is still necessary to establish the business model that will follow. Here on the blog, we have an article where we explain more details about 5 business models for those who want to open a clinic. Therefore, the first advantage that the health professional will have when paying for the rent of a room, is that he will not need to invest a large amount of capital in a venture.

When opening an office or clinic, it is also necessary that the enterprise is well located. In general, the better the location, the higher the value of the properties for sale, however when it comes to the value of a rental, even if it is a little higher, it can still be advantageous.

In general, professionals who choose to rent a room in clinics or offices are those who are starting their careers, or who needed for some personal reason to move to another city. In these cases, being new to the market, the health professional does not yet have an established clientele, therefore, the fact that you are attending a place that is already known in the health area can help you to get more patients and build a good network with other professionals.


Advantages for the clinic

If you currently own or run a clinic, this means that you have already gone through all the bureaucratic steps of looking for a property and paying high amounts to regulate it and leave it as you wish. So, what may be an obstacle for some health professionals is no longer for you. On the other hand, when renting part of your property to one or more people, they will be contributing to its growth, because before that you will be receiving an extra income.

Concerning the value acquired with this lease, there are a few possibilities to which you can apply it. For example, let's say you have an office instead of a clinic, and this office is located in a room in a commercial building. You are a healthcare professional who sees patients at that location Monday through Thursday, but he has all Fridays free from work in the office.

On the other hand, there is a health professional from the neighboring city who would like to see patients in his city once a week and is looking for a place to perform these calls. Therefore, you can offer your room every Friday and he will pay you to rent it.


The amount you will receive from a healthcare professional regarding the rent can be used to deduct expenses, be they water, energy, internet, or any other local expense. Another tip is that this money can also be invested in the clinic or office itself, whether expanding the site or bringing in new equipment. Therefore, these improvements will reflect on your care and the well-being of your patients, who will consequently become regular customers and will help to publicize the clinic by indicating the location and its professionals to other people.

Another advantage that this business model brings is the fact that you are interacting with professionals outside your circle, therefore this action represents a chance to improve your networking. In addition to interacting with other health professionals, your space will also receive new patients, thus increasing the flow of clients to your clinic.

Despite the advantages, it is important to be aware of everything that the legislation says about this type of business, and ideally, in these situations, a lawyer is requested to make a lease agreement. The contract must be very complete and contain details of the rights and duties of both parties, lessor, and lessee so that there are no misunderstandings in the future.

It is also important to be aware that there is no clash of schedules if you sublease your rooms. In other words, be careful not to offer the same room to different professionals on the same days and times of the week.

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