Even before having a medical degree in hand, many people already idealize the perfect work environment aiming to open their own business, be it a doctor's office or a clinic.

Planning is essential for success, so it is essential to establish a business model before thinking about opening your own clinic.  In order not to miss this important moment in your career, check out our tips on the different options for those who want to work in the health field.

Specialized practice

As it is a simpler business model, our first suggestion is the specialized office. In this business model, investments are less in terms of physical structure, however, if you are entering the job market now, you will probably need a good marketing strategy for your business to become known.

The structure of a doctor's office usually requires little space: a room to perform the consultations, a waiting room with reception, bathrooms, and a pantry are enough. However, it is important to be aware of the location, which should be in an easily accessible area.

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Integrated clinic

Opening an integrated clinic requires a little more investment because it requires a broader space since in this business model several professionals from different areas will be able to work together. Despite the slightly higher investment, for those at the beginning of their careers, it is a great option, since it will work in partnership with other health professionals.

In addition, the volume of patients is usually higher, including the fact that just as you can refer a colleague from another specialty, he can refer you to his patients.

Specialized diagnostic clinic

Specialized diagnostic clinics are very important in the field of medicine, and among them, we can mention those that perform endoscopy exams, for example. However, it is necessary to be aware that tests like this are not so requested, which can imply low demand from patients. In contrast, these types of procedures usually have a high value, which makes the business a good investment.

In these cases, an alternative for those starting out in this profession is to be accredited to health insurance plans, thus providing care for health plans. This practice makes more patients arrive at your clinic, and in this way, your work becomes better known in less time.

Popular clinic

This is the ideal business model for those who want to increase the number of patients in an agile and significant way. Although the values of consultations and procedures are lower, with a high number of consultations the financial return comes faster.

Another advantage is that this type of clinic does not require such a high investment in its opening, but it is necessary to be aware of the competition, which in this field is usually large.


Franchises are ideal for those who want to enter the job market with guaranteed success because franchises are generally known clinics throughout the national territory or a good part of it. On the other hand, the investment in this business model is usually high, because, in addition to the physical structure, it is necessary to pay an amount to the franchisor so that he can use his name in the business. In addition, it is necessary to follow a standard of care among other details that are pre-established by the brand.

Now that you know different options, just analyze which one best suits your style and provide the planning so that everything goes perfect!