When we talk about the patient's journey, we are referring to the set of steps that he goes through until the moment of the clinic's assistance. This process starts during the scheduling and continues until the after-care process.

But after all, how to improve the patient's journey in the clinic? The quickest answer to that question is: to use technology to your advantage. Starting with scheduling, let's talk a little about the unpleasant experience that some people spend long minutes waiting for a phone call.

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Nobody likes long waits, do they? Imagine how boring this situation is when trying to schedule an appointment. Today there is software such as Ninsaúde Apolo that have online scheduling. This is a very quick and efficient way for the patient to schedule their appointment at any time of the day, without the need to make calls or leave the house.

With the appointment scheduled, it's time to get to know the clinic. In large cities, it is often difficult to find certain addresses with ease, which means that the patient is looking for a place for a long time and with chances of even being late for the appointment. One method that has worked well in this regard is to send a message a day or two before the appointment, not only to confirm the patient's presence but also to inform the exact location of the clinic.

This action can be done through e-mail marketing, a feature available on some systems, such as Ninsaúde Apolo for example.

With e-mail marketing it is possible to send an image with a map of the location of the clinic among other information that will be of great use to the patient, making their experience more pleasant.

After the patient arrives at the clinic, it is essential that the physical space can provide him with comfort and a sense of well-being, after all these details directly interfere with the patient's journey process. There are some tips regarding decoration that you can check in our article "Medical marketing: find out how decoration influences the success of the clinic".

Coming close to the end of his journey, the patient arrives at the most expected moment: attendance. At this stage, it is very important that the health professional can meet the expectations of the patient as a whole, and one of the ways to do so is by practicing humanized care. Check out some tips in our article "Humanized care: know what it is and how to practice".

Finally, we reach the after-care center. This being the final step, it is very important not to let it go unnoticed. Even after the patient finishes the treatment, it is important to contact him, either to remember a special date or to inform him about a new service at the clinic. It is also important that the patient responds to a satisfaction survey, which can be sent by email marketing. To learn more about the subject, check out our article "The importance of applying patient satisfaction surveys".

Now that you know how the patient's journey works and what are the best ways to make it more enjoyable, just put into practice everything you've learned so far.

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