Satisfaction surveys are fundamental to the financial health of your business after all this is the best tool to find out what your patients think about your care and clinic in general.

With the research, it is possible to discover in a simple way which services are offered that most please your patients, at which points the clinic is getting it right, and which are the points to improve.

In this sense, capturing feedback is of paramount importance since a dissatisfied patient will possibly not return to the clinic, and this damage must be repaired so as not to affect finances in the future.

But why apply satisfaction surveys if there were never complaints, right? Wrong. A patient who felt uncomfortable in any way during his stay at the clinic will hardly complain, he just doesn't come back. The administrator's mistake is to think that research should be applied only when financial income is low, when in fact the correct thing is to use the tool from the initial stage, where it is possible to identify possible errors without harming the clinic's finances and reputation.

Another point to highlight is the importance of reserving a space so that the patient can express his opinion in more detail. Administrators and other collaborators will not always know how to identify an error as well as the patient, who is the individual who is making use of the services offered.

How do formulate and apply the surveys?

Before knowing how to apply a survey, it is necessary to understand the best way to produce it. The survey should not contain countless questions so that it is too long, as that way many patients may refuse to answer it. Develop questions that address the main aspects of the clinic clearly and objectively so that the patients' response points out their greatest qualities and also their flaws.

The survey can be sent by e-mail so that the patient can respond in the comfort of his home or at the moment he finds most favorable, or it can be answered in the clinic itself.

In the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo, there are three different ways to send satisfaction surveys to patients, two of which are via e-mail. The third alternative can be done using a tablet at the clinic reception. The receptionist needs to aim the device's camera at an existing QR Code in the system and then the patient will be able to answer it at the reception itself.