Visiting a clinic or office is often not a good thing, so it is essential that the patient's journey is pleasant and that he feels comfortable in this type of environment.

The decoration of clinics is an important part of the business strategy, after all, if the patient does not feel comfortable, it is possible that he will not return. Here are some tips on how to set up a good decoration without interfering with the clinic's performance.

Relate decoration to specialty

This tip seems obvious, but many still get it wrong. It is important to relate the decor not only to the specialty but also to the differential that the clinic brings, so stay tuned to the colors, furniture, flooring, and decorative items.

For example, if your specialty is pediatrics, we have an article explaining color psychology and what are the best choices to make for decorating pediatric clinics. These tips can be applied in other specialties, as long as they are used in the right context.

Include distractions in the environment

Most patients tend to arrive for appointments early, including up to many minutes before the scheduled time. However, due to several factors, the health professional often ends up delayed. For these reasons, it is important to offer a means of distraction to patients.

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It is common in clinics and offices to have televisions and magazines at the reception, but nowadays providing a wi-fi network for patient use is a good entertainment option.

Pay attention to the lighting

Taking care of the clinic's lighting is extremely important, as it also interferes with patients' comfort. Maintaining the balance between natural light and artificial light is very important and the choice of lamps should also be made carefully.

White light gives the feeling of cold, while yellow lights make the environment warm, so there should be a balance between the two in the same way as we mentioned natural and artificial light.

Analyze the profile of your patients

Analyzing the profile of the patients is important not to sin in the clinic's decoration. A gynecology clinic will opt for a more feminine decoration, while a pediatric clinic will meet what calls the attention of children.

In addition, it is important to keep an eye on the patients' style. You can create a mix that doesn't weigh too much for either side, or you can do a study to find out which style fits best, for example, something classic and sophisticated, or maybe opt for more modern and fun decoration.