The use of e-mail as a marketing strategy in the clinic is essential for those who want to reach a large number of people in a fully automated way.

With Ninsaúde's Apolo, a clinic management system, the user can program different types of e-mails that can be directed to different groups of patients. Also, after sending, the system counts how many times the e-mails were opened by the recipient, thus helping to better structure the next sending.

But, after all, what are the five email marketing strategies that cannot be missing in your clinic or office? Check it out below.

Scheduling information and reminders

Today, in the Ninsaúde Apolo software, it is possible to confirm schedules automatically via SMS or Whatsapp, but you can use email marketing for other purposes. The user can schedule a reminder email, for example, and in this reminder inform the location of the clinic.

Check-up clinics also often use this feature to remind the patient about some measures that must be taken before the appointment, such as fasting for collection of exams or drinking a certain amount of water before arrival.

Post-appointment and feedback

We usually say that the service does not end when the patient leaves the doctor's room, because to maintain loyalty it is also important to have a post-consultation approach.

In this sense, the health professional can schedule an e-mail that will be sent a day or two after the appointment to thank you for your preference and wish you better with the treatment.

Through email marketing, it will also be possible to send a satisfaction survey.  In Ninsaúde Apolo it is possible to create several research models, and when programming an e-mail you can include the research in it. Satisfaction surveys are great for understanding the patient's view of the clinic and not only how you attended him, but also how he was attended to by the receptionist from the time of the appointment until the date of the attendance.

Healthy tips

Keeping the patient well informed with healthy and preventive tips is a great incentive for him to identify the concern that the health professional has with him, not only inside but outside the office as well.

A nice idea is to pay attention to the calendar so that whenever there is a commemorative date related to health (more specifically if it is related to your specialty), send an email commenting on the subject and giving prevention tips.

As soon as the coronavirus pandemic began, many professionals even used this tool to keep patients well informed and send recommendations for prevention during the quarantine.

Commemorative dates

Some anniversaries cannot go unnoticed when it comes to marketing, so at Ninsaúde Apolo you can schedule emails that will be sent exactly on the patient's birthday without having to include the birth date manually.

To use the functionality is very easy, after creating the email template, just select the option "Birthday" so that the system automatically sends the message based on the birth date of the registration forms. Here on the blog, we have an article with email templates for birthday patients, you can check it out for inspiration.

In addition to the anniversary, other dates considered important may be included in the e-mail marketing schedule, such as Christmas and New Year.

Prospecting patients

E-mail marketing can assist in the prospection of two types of patients: those who underwent a procedure that requires a return in a while, and those who consulted only once and did not return to the office or clinic.

Let's say the patient underwent a botox procedure, and in six months he needs to return. The system user can schedule a specific e-mail for this using the option "from the schedules", and thus define a six-month interval for sending the message. With that, after six months, the patient will receive the message automatically and may remember to schedule a new appointment.

In the second case, the user will be able to use the prospecting report to verify which patients were present only once and did not return. Based on this information, the triggering of an email inviting you to return to the clinic can be scheduled.

Did you like the tips but still don't use a system that can bring you these advantages? Get to know Ninsaúde Apolo, contact us through the website, and request a demonstration.