Coworking is a business model where members of different companies share the same space to carry out their work. According to the 2018 Coworking Brazil Census, there are already 1,194 known spaces and the five states with the highest number of coworking are SP, RJ, MG, SC, and PR.

But after all, what is the best way to evaluate a medical coworking to define your choice? Check out in this article the tips that we will give you.

Here on the blog we already talked about what is medical coworking and what are its advantages, but today we will address in this article what points you should evaluate when choosing a space.


Something essential when choosing coworking is location. The location you choose should be easily accessible not only for you but also for your patients and providers. Even concerning patients, it must be located in a strategic region, preferably close to large centers, facilitating the patient's journey.


Another important point to note is whether the chosen location meets your infrastructure needs. One of the tips, even, is to check if there is parking close to the place and make sure it is easily accessible to public transport. Perhaps for the health professional, these small details will not make much difference, but for the patient, it matters a lot.

In this sense, it is also important to check if the chosen space has a high speed of internet quality, while also observing the telephone service. Even if you do not use a fixed telephone line, remember that in many locations, depending on your telephone operator, the network may suffer from signal blockages, which can cause poor communication with patients and providers.

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For the profitability of your business, it is important to choose a location with the value that fits your budget, but that is still the ideal place to exercise your activities, meeting your expectations.

Avoid getting carried away with only the cheapest option, as the low price will not pay off if you do not have the necessary tools to do your job. Remember to keep a balance, always paying attention not only to the financial side but also to what is best suited to your needs.

Locality evaluation

Seeking feedback from those who have been to this coworking is easy and can give you all the answers you need. A good coworking space generally has a good reputation in the market. So, when analyzing the evaluations it will be easy to know if a particular space is worth it or not.

Also, talk to people who have been in similar situations so that they can give you tips and ask questions about this new universe that you are about to enter.

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