Coworking is a business model where members of different companies share the same space to carry out their work. This model brings together users from the most diverse areas, and health professionals are also adopting this modality.

According to the 2018 Coworking Brazil Census, there are already 1,194 known spaces and the five states with the highest number of coworking are SP, RJ, MG, SC, and PR. One of the reasons why this modality is gaining more and more space is the search for more economical alternatives to open your own business.

Taking the momentum of this new market trend, today there are already exclusive coworking for doctors. In this way, health professionals can share the space to carry out their consultations in addition to being able to exchange experiences and increase their networking. Below are some of the biggest advantages of joining this business model to perform your services.


In principle, cost reduction is the biggest advantage of integrating coworking, since each health professional will pay only for the hours or days of the week in which they use the space, including a small fee for other expenses. However, according to Censo Coworking Brasil 2018, 57% of coworking works with a monthly plan, while only 10% works with an hourly plan and 5% with a daily plan.

Thus, the health professional will be able to choose the plan that best adapts to his/her number of patients, since if he/she is at the beginning of his career, the volume of attendance may be relatively low, which means that working in coworking can be more viable than to open their own practice, so this business model can help in the financial area by reducing costs.


A very important factor about coworking for doctors is flexibility because it is possible to align your agenda to stay in that space. So you also end up saving, as you will only pay for the time you are on-site, depending on your contract plan, of course. This is also a great advantage because it gives you the freedom to perform consultations in different locations and thus attract a greater number of patients.

Expanded Networking

When we talk about networking we are referring to a network of contacts, and cultivating these contacts makes it possible to build relationships with people in your professional environment.

Therefore, working in coworking helps even indirectly in the construction of these relationships, because you will live in an environment with other doctors who can refer you to patients who need treatment with a professional from a different specialty, thus enabling you to increase your number of calls.

Now that you know what coworking is, how it works and what are its advantages, you can already think about the possibility of joining this business model! Keep following the blog for more tips like this.