The Ninsaúde Apolo team of developers is constantly working on the production of new features for the software, and in the second half of 2020, we are ready to present to our customers and friends all the news that is coming.

With several projects still underway, the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo always seeks to innovate with its functionalities, with the main intention of bringing benefits to its users and facilitating the routine of health professionals, secretaries, and health administrators.

And today we present to you the newest features that software users will be able to enjoy: integration with Mevo and stock management.

Just a pause before we continue, did you know that the Ninsaúde Apolo clinic and office management system is perfect for health clinics? We always work with new improvements, discover exclusive advantages here.

Integration with Mevo

Mevo is a digital prescription platform, where through it when integrated with another system like Ninsaúde Apolo, health professionals can prescribe medications to their patients in a safe, fast, and practical way.

After the professional finishes the prescription, there is no need to print on paper, as an electronic file will be generated. Brazilian accredited pharmacies can access the electronic prescription with the patient's document number, which will be informed in the prescription file.

Check below the pharmacy chains that use Mevo:

The recipes made with Mevo also have a digital signature, and for that, the health professional must have a valid digital certificate. In addition to accepting the BirdID, SafeID, and VIDaas certificates, the healthcare professional who contains any other type A1 or A3 certificate will also be able to use it.


The integration with the Mevo platform brings benefits not only for the health professional, but also for the patient, and even for pharmacies. The digitally performed prescription prevents medical error and provides patient safety. The Mevo platform has an extensive base of medicines and connections with thousands of pharmacies in Brazil.

Stock control

The work in the clinics involves not only patient care but also the entire organization of supplies, medicines, and work materials, among other items. The acquisition of medical and hospital supplies becomes easier when those responsible seek to have efficient control of the stock, therefore the importance of using software where it is possible to carry out this action.

With Ninsaúde Apolo's stock control, it is possible to register products using the barcode reader, where you can define the unit of measurement, sales and cost value, minimum stock and maximum stock, days for a replacement, in addition to inserting tags, to identify the product more easily.

The possibility of using a barcode reader when registering products will bring more agility to work and more efficiency. Bar codes are usually made up of 13 digits, so imagine how laborious it would be to have to enter all these numerals for each item you register?

Currently, it is possible to find barcode readers starting at $ 35.00, and they are sold in supermarkets, computer stores, and office supply stores. On the internet, it is also possible to purchase the product on sites such as Amazon, among others.

The minimum and maximum stock information are important for the logistics of your orders, and for the control of your stock to be even more effective. When a product reaches its minimum stock, it means that it is the right time to place a new order, thus ensuring that your stock is not empty, and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

The maximum stock, on the other hand, aims to signal that a product is already in full stock and that buying more of this product at that time can be an error because due to the expiration date, it can be a wasted item if there is a large volume of it unused.

With the product registered, the user will be able to make entries and exits of the same indicating the supplier, the quantity, the reason (purchase, donation, return, or other), as well as its cost value and the service unit to which it is destined (headquarters or any of its branches). Even after being registered in a specific unit, the user can later also transfer these products.

When necessary, users of the software will be able to order products from suppliers through the system itself, by simply entering the supplier's product, supplier name, and e-mail information. Once this is done, the system itself automatically writes the e-mail with the necessary information for the order, simply by clicking on "Submit".

The user can also check the option "Automatically order next time when the stock is low", an action that also saves time and brings practicality to the whole team.

Currently, all outputs of products registered in the software must be done manually by the user, not only in cases of sales but also when there are free samples in stock, for example, where it is necessary to inform the output of these samples to keep the stock updated.

However, because it is a new feature, many improvements can be made, and you, Ninsaúde Apolo customer, can send your suggestions through the software itself. Find out more details in our article "Learn how to suggest a new feature for Ninsaúde Apolo".

We are preparing more news for Ninsaúde Apolo users, follow the blog to stay on top of the next updates.

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