When we talk about safety, several points must be analyzed, and taking care of the safety of the clinic is certainly essential. This is a factor that encompasses not only the physical structure but is also linked to data and employee security.

For this reason, we have listed below some tips for you to use in taking preventive measures, and that way you can protect your business and ensure the safety of everyone, including your patients.

Invest in electronic security

Monitoring the entry and exit of individuals in the clinic is a security measure more than necessary, and for that, it is essential that you use cameras with good resolution and that coverage is also done in the parking area. The entrance door should also have extra security and the use of digital locks with a password or approach card is a good choice, not forgetting also a good alarm system.

Conduct training with your employees

It is important that we know how to act in certain situations and always be prepared for the worst.  Unfortunately, even with all the technology and advanced security system, some unforeseen events can happen, so leave your employees very well educated in these situations and do training whenever new people join the team.

Another tip is to always reinforce the idea of checking the locks on the doors (and windows too), being attentive to the identification of who enters the building, and reserving safe places for certain documents and other items of value.

Invest in good management software

The clinic's security is not only done in the structure with alarms and locks, but also with good management software. Even today, conventional agendas are used to book appointments, and Excel spreadsheets are used to store financial data, among other information, which can leave the clinic on the verge of great risk. Investing in data protection is extremely important because it will also be preserving your patients' information, which is why using software is so essential.

If you still do not use the software at the clinic, we recommend visiting Ninsaúde Apolo, where you can use an electronic agenda and medical records, cash flow, and automatic scheduling confirmations, among other features.

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