The decoration of a clinic influences its success as much as good care. In addition to the colors used, lighting, furniture layout, and comfort are points to note when defining a good decoration.

Observing the positive points, it is important to be aware of the flaws that can end up interfering with the result. To assist you in this task, we have put together a list of some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided when setting up a clinic's decor.

Excessive use of white color

White is widely used in the health field because it transmits hygiene and order, and also gives the feeling of a large place. However, it is not advisable to use pure white. Invest in combinations with other shades, especially at the reception. A white surface can highlight any other color.

Indifference to reception

Reception is the place where the patient will have his first contact with the clinic, so it must make a good impression. Because the consultation takes place in a more isolated room, many clinics do not give due attention to reception, which is a big mistake, considering that the patient spends a lot of time in this environment as much as in the professional's room. of health.

Invest in a cozy decor with comfortable furniture and do not forget the means of distraction, such as TV, magazines, water, coffee, and WI-FI.  The tip on the white color is also valid for the reception, so don't forget to mix colors but never overdo the tones.

Inadequate ambient sound

In large stores, it is quite common for some establishments to put music that is successful in the media in the background, and usually with a somewhat high volume. In no way should this practice be adopted in doctor's offices and clinics, even because it is a place that should show peace and tranquility. The volume should not be high and neutral music should be chosen, such as classical and/or instrumental music, for example, which can cause some relaxation while the patient waits for assistance.

If the clinic has a television at the reception, it is good to be aware of what is being transmitted. Try to avoid channels with tragic news or sensational programs, and always pay attention to the volume.

Poorly positioned furniture and lack of accessibility

The clinic should consist of cozy spaces that facilitate circulation in the environment, thus promoting rapid and unimpeded locomotion.

In this sense, the furniture must be well positioned so that it does not hinder the passage of not only patients but also health professionals.

Also, it is important to be aware of the issue of accessibility, which in this case is not only in the decoration category but also in the physical structure of the clinic. Ramps access or small elevators are essential for wheelchair users, in addition to the question mentioned above about the arrangement of furniture.