It is not news that today's patients are much more connected to the internet. A few years ago, most people turned to health insurance catalogs or phone books to find a health professional, but over the years this has been replaced by Google or social media searches.

Brazil even ranks among the third country where people use the internet the most. There are several ways to advertise your clinic on the web and many of them are free and yield good results, check out five of them below:

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1 - Facebook

You can create a page where you will advertise your business, get followers and interact with them. Personal profiles have a limit of 5,000 friends and should not be used as a professional channel. However, with the pages, you can gather an unlimited number of followers - who could be your potential patients. Through your Facebook page, you can include the clinic's opening hours, and telephone number and even insert a link for online scheduling.

2 - Instagram

In this social network, the focus is on images, which is a good request for health professionals in areas that involve aesthetics, such as plastic surgery or even dermatologists.

However, nothing prevents professionals from other specialties from using this tool, after all, just like Facebook, it is also possible to insert a link for online scheduling, and telephone contact among other information that will help the patient to find his clinic more easily.

It is worth mentioning that CFM - Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine, (expressly discourages the publication of “before” and “after” images, of successful commitments in a procedure and excessive adjectives (“the best”, “the most complete”, “the only one”, “ the most modern ”).

3 - Clinic website

Even maintaining active social networks, it is interesting that the clinic has its website because through it it will be possible to attract that portion of patients who are outside of Facebook and Instagram, for example.

By creating a website you can also better build the visual identity of the clinic and you can add other information that on social networks will not always be visible quickly to the patient, such as the services offered, clinical staff, agreements, and partners, in addition to the online scheduling mentioned earlier.

4 - blog

Social networks can be a good option for quick texts and images that generate sharing, but if you want to post information in more detail and give a more professional look, we suggest that you set up a blog.

There are some free platforms for creating blogs like WordPress, Blogger, and Medium. To give more credibility to the information the blog must have its domain. Generally, the most used are those that end in .com or

The blog can also be integrated with the clinic's website and whenever you have a new post you can share the link on your social networks. Besides, through this platform, you can filter the comments of visitors so that they are posted only after verification by a moderator.

5 - Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows companies to manage their business information, that is, what is shown to people when they search the web, including Google Maps and Google Search.

Including various features that add value to the clinic's digital presence, if it is registered on Google My Business it will be displayed prominently on the right side of the page with all the information that you have filled out.

So this register must be updated, including the address, opening hours, and a valid phone number for contact.