Many patients do not attend appointments without even giving notice because many of them end up forgetting or making another appointment at the same time. Since this can happen with some frequency, Ninsaúde Apolo has created some features that can help in reducing the absences of its patients. Check out what they are and how to use them in the best way.

1 - E-mail marketing

With e-mail marketing, you can schedule the sending of e-mails where you can send reminders about the schedule, maps with the location of the clinic, and even the patient's registration form so that he can fill it out at home in advance.

This action avoids possible errors since it is the patient himself who will insert his information in the form, in addition to reducing absences and leaving the secretary free to perform other tasks in the clinic.

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2 - Confirmation of consultations via SMS

Are your patients not in the habit of reading emails? Don't worry, Ninsaúde Apolo has confirmation via SMS. To use this functionality just have our application on your smartphone and there is no additional cost as long as you have a plan with the operator of your choice.

The messages are sent in order of schedule time and according to the patient's response, the system automatically updates the status on the agenda. This type of action reduces absences by up to 68% and secretaries can use the time available for other tasks.

3 - Confirmation of consultation via Whatsapp

According to surveys, WhatsApp is the second most used social network by Brazilians, and because it is an application focused on exchanging messages, many clinics and offices are already using it to confirm appointments. But the great advantage of Ninsaúde Apolo is the possibility of automatically confirming the appointments.

The only job that the secretary will have is to access Whatsapp Web (or on the smartphone itself), synchronize the application and start sending through the confirmation screen. In the standard message, there is a link where the patient will respond if he will attend the appointment or not, and from the reply, the system updates the status of the appointment automatically.