Everyday technology brings us more innovations to make life easier, so nothing better than enjoying them all in your clinic. It is important to know that when it comes to technology it is not just about modern equipment, but also about the automation of processes.

With automation, you have numerous advantages, but in general, we can highlight the savings (of time and money), greater control of schedules, organization, and greater productivity of the team.

Just a pause before we continue, did you know that the Ninsaúde Apolo clinic and office management system is perfect for health clinics? We always work with new improvements, discover exclusive advantages here.

Here are some of the main advantages you will find in automating processes with the Ninsaúde Apolo management software, which has several features that assist secretaries and receptionists, doctors, and clinic administrators:

For secretaries and receptionists

  • Time savings when creating an appointment and searching for a patient's file just by entering a name, document, or phone number.
  • Confirmation of appointments via Whatsapp and SMS reduces not only absences from appointments but also the use of the telephone, leaving secretaries free for other activities. Also, it is possible to schedule e-mail marketing to send the patient's registration form, satisfaction surveys, and clinic information.
  • With online scheduling, the phone lines are less congested and still allow the capture of more patients.

For healthcare professionals

  • The use of electronic medical records streamlines the service, reduces the use of paper, and consequently eliminates the use of rooms and cabinets to store these documents.
  • Doctors save time by dictating evolution or using ready-made text templates for those specific cases in which they attend frequently.
  • With a few clicks, it is possible to insert a prescription drug in addition to printing certificates, among other documents that can be saved as templates.
  • At Ninsaúde Apolo it is possible to insert your digital certificate so that you can digitally sign your medical records, thus giving them legal validity without the need to print them.
  • It is possible to register form templates, also called anamneses, where the health professional can insert questions and formulas where the system does the calculation automatically.

For administrators

  • It is possible to generate reports and graphs that show an important information for the clinic's decision-making, such as which are the most sold services and agreements, and the most profitable, among others.
  • Make the bank reconciliation within the system to keep your receipts and payments always updated according to your bank accounts.
  • Restrict screens so that only authorized users can view them, thus maintaining the clinic's financial secrecy.
  • Get access to Income Statement and complete cash flow with a few clicks.
  • Need to calculate the commission of health professionals? Ninsaúde Apolo does this for you, in addition to generating reports that can be simple or detailed.
  • If it is necessary to make prints within the system, Ninsaúde Apolo has a printing configuration where the ink savings reach 26%. You can print reports or if you prefer, you can export them to excel to work the way you see fit.

Now that you know the main advantages of automating clinic processes, how about investing in good software? Meet Ninsaúde Apolo.