It is no longer news that social networks are gaining more and more strongly about the dissemination of services, including many companies that have invested heavily in these tools.

Among the most used social networks for this purpose is Instagram, a tool that allows you to post photos, videos, and even live streams, thus creating a high engagement where it is possible to increase the visibility of your work as a health professional or even your clinic. Below are five tips we have separated for you to use Instagram to your advantage.

Have a plan

When using a social network as a work tool it is not cool to just make random posts about the first thing that comes to mind. In life, planning is essential to achieve success, and with social networks, it is no different. In this sense, planning is important so that the posts also do not fall into sameness.

Another tip is to try to define a standard for the posts, as this practice certainly requires planning. We can take as an example some profiles on Instagram that usually make posts that match each other. This practice has been called an organized feed and consists of using a color palette, which can change after a certain period.

Keep frequency on posts

To create a good engagement on Instagram, your feed needs to be constantly updated. Invest in daily posts, and if not possible, dedicate yourself to posting as many times as you can during.  If you are unable to follow the plan, try to show a little bit of everyday life in the clinic even through Stories, but the important thing is to be present online, as the saying goes, who is not seen is not remembered.

Create relevant content

Showing everyday life at the clinic may seem like a good idea, but don't get stuck with it. Invest in quality content, make your patients feel like following your page.

Relevant content can be both informative and relaxed. It is not necessary to use formality on social networks, however, it is important to remember that this content is being directed to customers, so stay tuned to the details of the language used.

Pay special attention to stories

The stories functionality is a great request to create alerts, spread something quickly, record a relaxed moment among others, this is because they are only on the air for 24 hours, and if you prefer you can leave your favorite (or more important) stories saved as "Highlights", which in this case allows your followers to view after 24 hours as well.

In the stories, you can work with texts, photos, and even videos of up to 15 seconds, and with each new update, Instagram inserts many new features. Stories also serve to create a rapprochement between you and your followers, which enables humanization.

Use the hashtags correctly

Hashtags are used on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even on YouTube, and on Instagram they are also present. To identify them, just insert the hashtag (#) in front of a word, and whenever you want to search (or be found) through that hashtag you can use it both in the search field and in the description of your posts.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of hashtags and use them wisely. Insert only the most relevant terms so that you can be found by potential clients and patients and use them sparingly because using the wrong hashtag can attract an audience you don't want.