It is a fact that today several tools can be used to communicate with their patients, and many health professionals and clinics have adopted communication as a strategy through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and mainly WhatsApp.

Social networks are a practical and economical way to keep your patients informed about news from the clinic, and are often used for other purposes such as confirming an appointment. However, many of them have limitations concerning the rate of content delivery, and we will already explain how this influences their performance.

When posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram, regardless of whether you are announcing a new service or change of address, unfortunately not all of your followers will view it because of what social networks call the algorithm. On Instagram, for example, the posts do not appear in the feed in the order in which they were published but rather based on the relevance that posts on that profile have for your followers.

Therefore, if your followers do not interact with your profile as much, the social network understands that it will not be a problem to deliver your posts last, and many times the user ends up not even seeing it due to lack of time, because other posts are at the end of the list. More relevant ones may be more prominent for him, and this is where email marketing comes in.

E-mail marketing ends up becoming the most secure, economical, and effective way to bring specific information to your patients. It is important to note that we are not saying that social networks are not useful, quite the contrary.  The fact is that unfortunately to achieve maximum success with your posts on Facebook and Instagram, you will often need to pay for it.

Social networks provide a tool where it is possible to sponsor a publication and that way it can reach more users. It's an efficient way to spread the word, but have you ever stopped to think that by doing it through email marketing the cost is zero?

For example, Ninsaúde Apolo is a system for clinics that has several features, including email marketing. You will not need to pay a single dollar more to use it and will be able to segment your emails to certain groups of patients. For this reason, we can say that email marketing is much cheaper.

E-mail marketing is also faster and more practical because you can program it to send dozens of messages a day with just one click. And finally, it can be said that, unlike social networks, email marketing is 100% focused on the patient, and through the pre-established filters and criteria you decide who will receive the message.

Now that you know the difference between email marketing and social media, it's time to use them!

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