The odontogram is an indispensable tool for dental professionals. Its use is essential so that health professionals can carry out their activities with greater precision. And it also holds all the dental health information of the patient. When opening your own dental office, besides all the necessary equipment,  it is also very important to have good and secure software that can speed up your daily chores. And in the case of dentists, software like Ninsaúde Apolo Clinic is perfect since it already contains an odontogram for your patients.

The odontogram is also known by other names, among them are dental chart, dental diagram, and periodontal. The odontogram works as the patient's oral quality document, and it contains all actions performed by the health professional. Therefore, it becomes an essential tool not only for clinical practice but also for the professional's legal protection.

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After all, what is the importance of the odontogram?

The use of an odontogram is extremely important, as it will contain information such as:

  • Which teeth need treatment;
  • What are the possible treatments for some instances;
  • What previous treatments and procedures have already been performed on the patient;
  • Medications that the patient may be on or will need.

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The health professional will also be able to monitor the evolution of the patient's condition more precisely, which helps to more easily identify each patient seen at the clinic or office.

Another important point about the odontogram is that it can protect the health professional from possible lawsuits. Let's say a patient is not satisfied with the treatment and decides to file a lawsuit against the health professional or clinic. In this case, the odontogram will serve as proof of everything that was done before and during the treatment.

Paper odontogram vs Digital odontogram

Although odontograms on paper sheets are the best known, they are not the most suitable, for several reasons, with the issue of security being the main reason. As it is a document with extremely valuable information, the odontogram when made on a paper can run physical risks, such as wetting, burning, and tearing, among others.

There is even software for clinics where the odontogram is part of its functionalities, such as the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo, which now, also has this new feature. The advantage of using a digital odontogram that is linked to the software used in the clinic is that the health professional can insert all the patient's information, preventing information from being dispersed or lost.

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