With the ease of accessing the internet, today people often use it for the most diverse purposes, including when that annoying little pain that does not want to go away or in the appearance of an allergy, it is Google that they turn to. For this and so many other reasons, health professionals must be on the internet, after all, this is certainly a strong marketing strategy.

In addition to the clinic's social networks and website, it is recommended that the health professional be present in a more accessible location, such as blogs. Although the word blog refers to fashion bloggers and digital influencers in general, they are great not only for entertainment but also for information.

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A blog is a web page that can be inside another site, and through it, informative and educational content can be published. It is precisely this type of content that can attract those people mentioned at the beginning of this text because when looking for information about a certain problem, they can reach you.

Also, there are other advantages to creating a blog, such as the fact of being able to address subjects that may be in a social network there would be no space.  When it comes to social networks, it is worth remembering that not everyone uses them, moreover, usually when looking for the cause or solution of a problem, people will rarely turn to Facebook or Instagram, but Google, and it is precisely through the searches done on it that your blog will be found.

When creating a blog it is important to maintain regularity in the posts, as this directly interferes with the way Google's search engines will work. The more posts with relevant and quality content, the greater the chances of your blog appearing on the first Google search pages.

However, it is important to note that CFM (Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine) has its rules concerning medical marketing, including postings on the internet. So remember, the blog cannot be used for any type of consultation with the patient, being restricted to information only.