After the success of YouTube channels, the new trend in the media is the Podcast. By the way, do you know what a Podcast is, what is it for, and how to use it to your advantage? Check out this and other information below.

Podcasts are audio files transmitted over the internet and can be heard on the computer or your Smartphone. The origin of this term comes from the combination of two words, Pod - "Personal on-demand" (taken from iPod, an Apple product), and broadcast (transmission, broadcasting).

Podcast files are usually posted to streaming services that play audio, such as Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Deezer, among others. There are Podcasts devoted to the most diverse subjects, and in addition to listening online, it is also possible to download them to listen offline.

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Podcasts and medicine

The Podcast format appeared in Brazil in mid-2004, and despite a slow progression, today it promises to be the new trend of the digital age. Many organizations have used Podcasts to disseminate information about their area of activity, including medical entities.

A survey by ABPod (Brazilian Podcasters Association) reports that the people who listen to the most Podcasts are aged between 18 and 39 years old, and the topics aimed at those who work with health and well-being are in 6th place in the ranking with 4.9 %.

How to use this data to your advantage? Very simple, you as a health professional can create your Podcast to bring relevant information to colleagues in medicine or even to your patients, or if you prefer, you can become a listener of those who already produces this type of content so that you are more and more informed on the subjects about your area of expertise.

The great advantage of Podcasts is the practicality of executing them. You will be able to hear them at home, in traffic, and practicing physical activities, among others. In this sense, the Podcast can also be used to attract patients.  

Create guidelines that are related to your specialty and post them on your social networks, little by little you will see those possible patients may be interested in the subject. In hearing you, they will feel authority in what you say and confidence in your work, which will lead to becoming loyal listeners and even showing interest in scheduling an appointment.