Management software for clinics has been a great ally of health professionals, secretaries, and administrators, however, many myths still hang over the use of this product. When you notice that the use of conventional schedules and medical records has become obsolete, you probably already thought about adopting a system, right?

However, even with so many positive points found in this solution, some myths are still present regarding its use but don't worry, below we will reveal to you what is really a myth and what is true.

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Are software extremely expensive?

Myth. There are software at all prices, and regardless of how much you will pay, it is important to emphasize that the use of software should not be seen as an expense, but as an investment.

There are some software that ends up being more expensive, for example, those that are installed, because, in addition to the amount paid for the installation, there will still be a monthly fee to pay for its use, not to mention that a computer will be needed just to be used as a server. However, online systems like Ninsaúde Apolo do not require installation, and the storage of your data is protected in the cloud.

Do only large companies need software?

Myth. Contrary to what laypeople think, the use of software helps the growth of an organization in different aspects, so it should be used by small to large companies.

The use of technological trends opens space for small companies to stand out in the market and thus gain new customers, or patients, in the case of clinics and offices.

Does using software reduce work in the clinic?

Truth. One of the biggest advantages of using software is the optimization of time, this is because it no longer takes hours to complete simple tasks.

Imagine that the health professional's agenda is full and the secretary needs to confirm the presence of all patients. Surely it would take hours on the phone. With software for clinics such as Ninsaúde Apolo, it is possible to confirm appointments automatically via SMS or WhatsApp, and while the system does this task, the secretary can work on other things. And, of course, this is just one of the countless advantages of using software, which basically aims to facilitate and reduce work in clinics.

Are all software the same?

Myth. There are countless differences between systems that go far beyond price. As we mentioned before, while some software is installed, others are online, some offer free training and support, and others do not, anyway, it is necessary to study very well everything that a system has to offer before hiring it, after all, not all the software has the same functionality, that is, they are not all the same.

Free software are not advisable?

Truth. As we already mentioned in our article "Understand the risks of using free software", there are several factors that make the user experience of free software not the best. The role of the software is to bring benefits and practicality to the daily lives of those who use this tool, however, free software can bring a lot of headaches.

Is using the software too complicated?

Myth. Just as the first time you accessed a social network, some doubts probably arose about how to use it, it is common that at the beginning of the use of software, doubts may also arise, but nothing that can harm your performance in the clinic.

At Ninsaúde Apolo, for example, we train our customers free of charge so that they can get to know and enjoy the best possible way of all the features that the system has to offer.

Support is available during business hours to assist users whenever they experience difficulty in any area of the software, and if doubt arises outside of these hours, video classes will be available on the system itself and can be accessed at any time.