Chart analysis is extremely important for clinics because it facilitates the study of a set of data, thus enabling a clear interpretation of the information.

Charts are present in the most diverse media and several financial institutions use them to show investors their profits and losses, among other information. At Ninsaúde Apolo it is possible to view graphs of schedulings, attendances, and finances, each of which is extremely important because they show information that can be used in decision making.

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Scheduling charts

With these charts, it is possible to develop strategies to balance appointments between clinic doctors and to invest in more solidified areas. Through the analysis of these graphs, the administrator can also improve the quality of services by checking the time in the waiting room, average attendance, and which services and insurances are most used, among others.

Attendances charts

In this area of the system, there are several types of graphs, including the pathology map and epidemiological graph, where it is possible to anticipate situations with the patterns that occurred by period and location. This information is especially useful for scientific studies and conference presentations.

Besides, other charts can also assist in decision-making, because through graphics that show marital status, age group, and genre, among other information, it is possible to identify who the clinic's target audience is.

Financials charts

These are the charts that help you monitor the clinic's financial performance as well as profitability per patient. There are several graphs, including pie, line, and column graphs, where it will be possible to monitor and identify the situation of revenues and expenses, values transacted, and a balance sheet of the last years, among others. With this information, you can easily disclose the results of the balance sheet to the partners or raise funds for financing and investments.

In addition to the graphics, Ninsaúde Apolo has several reports that can assist the clinic administrators in making decisions, and all can be exported to excel, just as the graphics can be saved in a PNG format image.

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