At the end of an appointment, it is common for the health professional to give the patient a prescription, also called a medical prescription. With the prescription in hand, the patient can go to the pharmacy or health center to order their medications.

Like medical records, prescriptions for many years were made in the traditional way, written by the doctor in his hand. However, because it contains information such as the name of the drug, dosage, duration of treatment, frequency of use and route of administration, great care is needed so that all of these data are not illegible, as often the pharmacist himself has difficulties in understanding what is written.

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According to KLAS (British company focused on research in the field of health and technology), 68% of errors related to medication occur due to illegibility in the spelling of medical prescriptions. Other statistics reveal that 39% of errors related to drugs occur at the time of prescription. Source: Revista Saúde.

What many health professionals forget (or don't know) is that there is a solution to these problems, and it is called an electronic prescription. In addition to reducing possible spelling errors, electronic prescriptions streamline the service and bring much more convenience to the health professional. To better explain all the benefits of this tool, let's take the Ninsaúde Apolo medical software as an example.

At Ninsaúde Apolo there are several features that range from the reception of the patient to the medical record. In the attendance menu, there is the prescription tab, it is through it that the health professional can print the medical prescriptions and even save them as a model for future use. As the patient is attended to, whenever the health professional prescribes medications, they are attached to the medical record, which facilitates the health professional's life in case he needs to repeat the prescription.

Another advantage is that it is not necessary to type the name of the drugs, just search the system database and select the desired drug. With this action, in addition to no more problems with illegible spelling, the health professional is sure that the name of the medication is spelled correctly, in addition to, of course, saving time in care.

Now that you know the advantages that electronic prescription can offer you, how about starting to use it? We guarantee you will not regret it! Don't you know Ninsaúde Apolo yet? Get in touch and request a call from one of our salespeople.