Making the medical transfer is an important task and requires a lot of attention, and although many administrators and health professionals do not know, there is a quick and easy way to do it without making mistakes.

The medical transfer, also called the commission, refers to the values that health professionals have to receive referring to the care provided at the clinic. These amounts are distributed according to the insurance and service provided, and because it is a task that requires extra attention, it often takes hours for a report with this information to be ready (that is if done manually using Excel spreadsheets, for example).

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Now, good news: you don’t have to waste hours aligning all this information, since the clinic's management system for Ninsaúde's Apolo has an area designed to streamline this process, giving the user the possibility to generate reports and carry out the transfer entries automatically.


In the Finance menu, the user will find the Professional Commission submenu, where it is possible to view in a summarized or detailed way the total services provided by each health professional, as well as their respective transfer values.

As shown in the image above, in addition to applying filters and selecting specific professionals, it is also possible to export the data to Excel or, if you prefer, you can print and/or save it in PDF.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the "Summarized by professional" view, there is also the possibility to check commissions in "Detailed by professional" mode, and "Detailed by professional and clinic", so that there are no doubts about the origin of the commissioning.

For the system to generate commissions, it is necessary to configure it correctly and enter a fixed or percentage amount that each health professional will receive when performing certain services. It is also possible to define whether this commission applies to one or more specific insurance, or by leaving the insurance field blank, the commission will automatically apply to all those that have not been specified.

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