In establishments that need to create a registration for their customers, there is something that happens quite often: duplicate registrations. Most of the time this situation ends up bringing some problems, and the area of health is no different.

Since the time of paper records, the situation of duplicate entries has been repeated. Whether in a clothing store or a medical clinic, this is a frequent mistake, and often the failure is due to a lack of attention.

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Now imagine the following situation in a clinic or office: the patient calls to schedule an appointment and on the phone, he gives his full name so that the secretary can create a record in the system and schedule it. On the day of the appointment, the patient arrives at the reception to check in and the secretary asks for a document. If in the document your name is abbreviated (a common practice in some insurance cards, for example), and in the face of a name that was not found, she ends up registering the patient again.

Now the big problem with all this: is medical records. How a professional can serve a patient with excellence if part of his history is in another file (which he often doesn't even know exists)? Besides, if the patient has any financial pending with the clinic, it will also be impracticable to make the appropriate charges properly, so thinking about it we have separated some tips so that this type of disorder can be avoided.

How to avoid a duplicate card?

  • When scheduling appointments via telephone, search for the patient by document number, as this is a unique number. At Ninsaúde Apolo, for example, it is possible to search for a patient not only by name but also by phone, document, or a code generated by the system;
  • Always confirm the patient's full name and verify with him that the way you typed it is correct;
  • We know that many surnames are complicated and some have a foreign origin, so if you don't understand or don't know how to write correctly, don't be ashamed to ask again or ask him to spell;
  • With the patient at the reception, ask for documents such as a driver's license or document, as these are always complete;
  • Avoid relying on the name printed on insurance cards, as many of them end up abbreviating names and surnames.

Do duplicate files have corrections?

If you use Ninsaúde Apolo there is a way to correct this error, because the software has a feature where it is possible to unify files. For this, the user must access the patient registration screen and press to unify records.

Then, you must select the incorrect file (which is usually incomplete) and also the correct one. After marking the information that should remain, when the patient is finished, he/she will have all the registration information and medical records unified.