Considered the largest social network dedicated to professional relationships in the world, LinkedIn alone has approximately 30 million users in Brazil, and year after year this number continues to grow.

We have already published an article on the blog mentioning the importance of having a LinkedIn profile, and now we are here to help you create your profile the right way. As we have already pointed out, LinkedIn is not a social network to share very personal matters, but professional goals and objectives.

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Creating the profile

When creating your profile, some information will be requested and it goes beyond the first name, last name, and location. It includes information such as academic background, current position in the job market, and objectives, among others.

You can (and should) insert all of your professional experience, or at least those that you find relevant to your goals, not forgetting your specializations, studies, etc.

You will also need to complete the "Skills and recommendations" fields which are very important.

As you complete the profile with your information it will build strength and level up, and the more complete it is, the more chances of becoming a "champion profile", thus having 27 times more chances of being discovered.

The website will also ask you to add other profiles as your connections. Connections are like the friends we add on Facebook, for example, however, LinkedIn will always recommend profiles that have some connection with your area of expertise. If you prefer you can skip this step and add the connections later after completing the profile.

Set the photo for the profile

As with any social network, LinkedIn also requires a profile photo. You can choose to leave the photo visible only for your connections, but it is recommended that you leave it in public mode, as many people and companies will be able to visit your profile without necessarily being part of your connections.

It is also possible to choose a cover photo, and if no personalized image is inserted, you can continue using the image that is already standard on LinkedIn. For the profile photo, we always recommend that you use a good quality image that appears serious, after all, we are talking about a professional network.

Create a good summary

LinkedIn provides a field called Summary where you can describe your professional goals and a summary of your medical career. The text must be attractive and contain formal and simple language at the same time so that it is easily understood by everyone who visits your profile, whether they are professional colleagues or patients.

Request recommendations

LinkedIn's recommendations feature is very important as it gives you the opportunity to recommend colleagues and be recommended by them. This practice brings more authority and serves as a confirmation of everything that has been inserted in your history, in addition to increasing the views of your profile.

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