To ensure good care and make the patient feel comfortable to return to his office or clinic, it is important to follow some steps that, however simple they may seem, make all the difference.

To make it easier, here are some tips that can help you maintain a good relationship with your patients and build loyalty with them.

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Avoid delaying appointments

Delays can happen and unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid them, however, this is something that causes a lot of discomfort in patients. Delaying 30 or 40 minutes is acceptable, but leaving the patient waiting more than an hour to be seen is an attitude to reflect on.

It is known that between one consultation and another there may be a delay due to a longer service, but to prevent this from happening, stipulate with the secretary the average attendance for the type of consultation so that at the time of the appointment patients can be allocated in the best way.

Practice humanized care

Humanized care encompasses several aspects, which we have already mentioned here on the blog, but, in a nutshell, humanization of care requires only that the health professional puts himself in the place of the next and empathizes with the situation that the patient is going through.

Looking into the eyes, listening carefully, and transmitting confidence are just some of the simple actions that make the difference in service.

Invest in the aftercare

To be successful in post-service, it is necessary to ensure excellence in service, so never forget the items before this seen in this list. Post-service concerns the practices and activities developed to retain the patient.

These activities may include sending messages on commemorative dates, such as birthdays and Christmas, as well as informative messages either by SMS or e-mail. To make this possible, we always recommend keeping your patients' records up to date.