The location of any commercial establishment directly influences its functioning, and with clinics and offices, it is no different. But after all, how do you know if your clinic is well located? Check out our tips below.

The target audience of the clinics are patients, that is, people who are experiencing a health problem or who want to prevent them. For this reason, many people already arrive at the clinics with psychological distress, so it is important that the patient feels at ease before even arriving at the place. But what does it mean?
It means that possible stress with traffic or parking must be avoided, so the clinic should be located in an easily accessible point, and if possible, with free parking for patients.

Another point to highlight is, where your patients come from. Generally, the clinics are located in the center of the city because, in addition to being easy to find, it is a place where the entire population usually passes. However, commercial offices located in the centers are usually more expensive, so it is necessary to know if it is worth staying in this location. The strategy is to identify where your patients come from and thus study the possibility of changing the location.

For example, if you realize that the vast majority of your patients come from neighborhood A, but to get to the clinic they pass through neighborhoods B, C, D, and E, why not change the clinic's address closer? Likewise, there is nothing to prevent him from studying the possibility of creating a new care unit in another city or even transferring the clinic, if his patients are coming from abroad.

But after all, how do you know where your patients come from? Setting up reports with this information seems like a great option, however, reports are time-consuming and generally accumulate information that in this case would not be of much use.
Our tip for those who are already users of the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo is to use our heat map, available in the area of schedule charts.

With the heat map, you know exactly where the clinic is located in front of your patients, and you can have quick information about where they are coming from. That way it is easy to analyze the possibility of creating a new service unit or even changing addresses.

If your clinic already has more than one unit, you can filter on the map which one you want to obtain this information from. Also, you can filter for a specific period, increasing the accuracy of your information.