The position of secretary is extremely important in the clinic, after all, just like health professionals, secretaries deal directly with patients.

When starting the recruitment process it is important to define the characteristics required for the position. Some of the functions that the secretary exercises are:

  • Receive and provide support services to patients;
  • Schedule appointments and services;
  • Provide information and assistance via telephone;
  • Check document and suitability of customers;
  • Close financial receipts for patient consultations;
  • Organize information and plan the work.

After defining your job assignments, it's time to analyze the behavioral characteristics of the job applicants. For the person interested in the position to emerge as a good secretary, it is necessary that she empathizes with others, but that she is always focused on results. For that, she also needs to be a good listener, proactive, and above all organized.

For this analysis to be done with caution, we recommend that the selection process be done in three stages: interview, technical evaluation, and psychological evaluation.

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The interview is the reserved time to get to know the candidate and her professional experiences. Remember to go prepared with pre-defined questions and a well-structured interview. The technical assessment concerns the candidate's skills and knowledge. You can prepare a written test with some questions that involve the everyday situation of a secretary. And finally, the evaluation made by a psychologist, the usual procedure in most companies.

We hope this article has helped you find the ideal secretary for your clinic or practice, so keep an eye on the blog for more tips like this!