Today health professionals are not only responsible for taking care of patients and prescribing medicines, and that is because many have also become great businesspeople.

However, investing in a business like opening a clinic or office, for example, is not as easy task as many imagine. Along your journey, some challenges may arise, but don't worry, with the right actions you can do very well and achieve the success you want.

Here are five valuable tips to start the process of opening a doctor's office.


This is the first stage of opening any business, after all, without good planning everything that you achieve in a short time may dissolve. It is very important to do research and budgets, perform calculations, assemble spreadsheets, in short, organize the ideas and only then put them into practice. In the planning phase, you also have to choose the place and structure for your clinic, therefore don't forget to select an easy-access place for your patients, according to your resources.

Hiring professionals

When we're talking about hiring people, we are talking about it in all sectors:  health professionals, receptionists, administrators, and general services. If you, the health professional, will be the only one to act in the care of patients, you can reduce the number of employees since the number of tasks will be less. Still, it is necessary to make a good selection of candidates and evaluate each profile thoroughly as this makes it easier to raise the reputation of the clinic.

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We have already mentioned in some articles on the blog the importance that decoration has before the image of a clinic or office.  Both the colors used and other decoration points must be chosen in a way that conveys good feelings to patients and provides them with the necessary comfort.

The decoration must be related to your specialty, and because it is in the health area it should not necessarily be purely white.  The white color can give the feeling of a wider place and refers to hygiene, however, this color can also cause discomfort by referring to hospitals.

Hiring medical software

With technology working in our favor, opening an office using the old conventional agendas and records becomes outdated and ineffective, because there are already systems that automate all processes such as scheduling, attendance, financial launches, and even billing of insurances.

Besides, good software such as Ninsaúde Apolo, for example, can assist in various tasks such as confirmation of appointments via SMS or through Whatsapp and online scheduling, where the patient himself can schedule his appointment through the clinic's website.

Excellence in service

Valuing good service is essential for the success of your office, after all, just like in any commercial establishment, when a customer is well served in addition to returning he recommends it. In the health area it is no different, so providing good care is essential to maintain and attract new patients.

It is also essential to provide a humanized service where good communication between health professionals and patients prevails and transmits empathy.

In addition to these points, many others are essential, and you can check out what they are in our article "Humanized care: know what it is like to practice".

Did you like the tips? We hope it may have helped you to make good choices on your new journey. To check out more tips like this, keep following the blog!