As important as attracting new patients is maintaining a good relationship with those who have already been to the clinic. The loyalty process has a strong connection with the experience provided to the patient inside and outside the clinic, for this reason, we have listed some tips that can help in this important stage.

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Offer a pleasant environment

The physical environment of a clinic requires special attention so that it can make a good impression from the moment the patient arrives at the reception to the care room. Reception can be considered the clinic's business card, so it is necessary to always keep it organized to make a positive first impact. In addition to comfort and good decoration, it is important that the clinic strictly follow the rules for the health environment according to Anvisa (a Brazilian agency).

Another tip is to offer means of distraction so that they can wait for the service in the pleasant and least tiring way possible. In the era of Smartphones making Wi-Fi available is almost mandatory. Besides, offer magazines and books, keep the TV on neutral channels that avoid sensationalism and controversies, and if the clinic serves children, provide a space where they can play and be distracted.

Avoid delays

It is very important to maintain punctuality when we seek to retain patients, as any delays can hinder this process. We know that several factors corroborate directly and indirectly for these delays to happen, and unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid, but some attitudes can bring good results in this regard, such as:

  • Avoid squeeze-in many patients in a short time between times
  • If something unexpected happens, notify the secretary so that she can notify the patient
  • If traffic has been one of the reasons for your delay, try using apps that help you identify the best routes and warn you about congestion. Some of them are Waze, Glob, and even Google Maps.

Offer humanized service

Humanized care is one in which the health professional treats each patient in an individual and special way, giving differentiated attention and showing empathy. We can highlight some other important points that will make all the difference in care, such as calling the patient by name, greeting him, and listening carefully to what he has to say.

As much as it is necessary to use some medical terms during the service, try to use simpler and clearer language to facilitate the understanding of the patient.

It is also important that it conveys confidence and security so that the patient can speak openly and maintain efficient communication, always taking into account the emotional state of the patient and family.


Remember that the relationship with the patient does not end immediately after he leaves the clinic. Creating after-care strategies generates empathy and closeness, in addition to contributing to customer loyalty.

For this reason, create reminders for the patient to return to the clinic, provide easily accessible means of communication, and do not forget to send messages on special dates such as Christmas and birthdays.

The importance of remembering special dates

Remembering dates like Christmas and birthday is something simple, but it has great importance for the patient, as it shows empathy. Ninsaúde Apolo, for example, offers the possibility of sending e-mail marketing. These automatic messages can be sent not only on holidays or for general information, but also at other times, such as the days before an appointment, helping the patient to remember the time.

Although sending is automatic, it is important to personalize the email so that it does not sound like something generic and commercial. Avoid messages containing only images, as you run the risk of your email being transferred to the patient's spam box.