On the 27th of August, Psychologist's Day is celebrated in Brazil. For this reason, we decided to take advantage of the date to talk about the advantages that Ninsaúde Apolo medical software has to offer for health professionals in this specialty.

Besides working in the search for understanding the behavior and mental functions of human beings, psychologists apply scientific methods so that they can act in the treatment and prevention of mental illnesses, to provide an improvement in people's quality of life.  A visit to a psychologist is recommended at any stage of life, whether for relationship problems, undiagnosed illnesses, or even for very agitated children, with aggressive behavior, or school problems, among others.

If you work in the field of psychology, if you don't use management software yet, let's introduce you to the advantages that Ninsaúde Apolo has to offer. Regardless of whether you perform your appointments in an office or a clinic, using software brings several benefits, including the ease of storing your patients' information. Check out how Ninsaúde Apolo can help you with your care.

Recurring appointments

We call a recurrence a continued repetition of the same operation. Thus, recurrent scheduling is useful in those cases where the health professional repeatedly assists a patient for a long period, whether in weekly, monthly, or even annual consultations. In this case, recurrences are great for scheduling therapies, for example.

With a recurring schedule, you simply create a recurrence and the schedule creates reminders that the patient will come back on certain days and times, without the need to create multiple schedules over and over again. Once this is done, the secretary will be able to schedule the recurrence and then still be able to confirm, cancel, and reschedule, among other statuses available in the software.

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling was developed to make life easier not only for healthcare professionals but also for patients. With this functionality, the patient has much more practicality and convenience when scheduling an appointment, just as the clinic has a great chance of increasing its number of appointments.

By far the main advantage of online scheduling is that it is available every day for 24 hours, which makes that portion of patients who have a more hectic routine can create their schedule at the time that is most favorable to them, just being connected to the internet, even when the clinic is closed.

Automatic confirmation of appointments

To facilitate the act of confirming patients, streamline reception processes and leave secretaries and receptionists with more free time, Ninsaúde Apolo has some automatic confirmation tools, through SMS, Whatsapp or e-mail.

When confirming by SMS, after installing and opening the app on your smartphone, message triggers are made automatically, with the patient simply answering YES or NO, and based on your response, the system updates the status in the diary.

In the confirmation via Whatsapp, the secretary must access the confirmation screen, where there will be a list of patients who have not yet been confirmed. After pressing the Whatsapp icon and sending the message, the patient must access the message link and choose between the options "I won't attend" or "Yes, I will". Once this is done, the status is automatically updated in the health professional's schedule.

Electronic medical record

With the electronic medical record of Ninsaúde Apolo, the health professional can type or even dictate the patient's evolution while viewing their care history on the same screen. In addition, you can insert up to four cards at the top of the screen to quickly view patient information, such as health insurance, allergies, CIDs, charts, and more.

Within the medical record screen, the health professional can also perform actions such as:

  • Print documents;
  • Make comparisons between the patient's evolution from graphs;
  • Attach files;
  • Use ready-made text templates, just select them using an @;
  • Use forms for anamnesis, among others.

Custom forms

With Ninsaúde Apolo's form templates, you can create anamnesis that will be available to use at the time of the service. With the form ready, just insert the patient's answers, which will be stored with the evolution, thus bringing practicality and agility.

Besides being able to create forms with questions whose answers can be in a long or short text, yes/no, multiple-choice and calculated field, in the system itself some templates are available ready for each specialty. In the field of psychology, for example, we have initial assessments that can be used in the first contact with the patient, Compulsive Purchase Scale, among others.

Remembering that in addition to these five features that we highlighted, Ninsaúde Apolo has a finance area for posting receipts and payments, cash flow, the commission by healthcare professionals, and much more!

Did you like Ninsaúde Apolo and want to know better all its features? Contact us at apolo.app and request a call from one of our sellers!