Pediatricians are health professionals responsible for caring for children from the moment they are born to adolescence. In the first year of life, the child must go to the pediatrician monthly, and after this period, the flow of visits can be reduced, but without leaving out the follow-up.

The Ninsaúde Apolo medical software has several features that help health professionals in this specialty, which means that their care is provided quickly and with high quality.

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Pediatricians take care not only of the cure, but also the prevention of possible health problems that the child may have, and these preventive aspects involve breastfeeding, vaccines, and accident prevention, among others. For quality care, it is recommended that health professionals use medical software, and with Ninsaúde Apolo's functionalities, providing the care becomes even easier.

Customizable electronic medical record

With the electronic medical record of Ninsaúde Apolo, pediatricians can enter the current evolution of the patient while viewing the history on the right side, on the same screen. At the top, you also have a timer that counts the duration of your care, you can choose cards with some more relevant information about the patient, to view them as soon as you start the consultation.

This information can refer to the patient's health insurance, forwarder, and companion, tags and CIDs inserted in previous appointments, allergies, and even the count of how many appointments, absences, and services the patient had at the clinic.

Besides cards, the healthcare provider can add display tabs. The tabs can be turned on and off at any time, and some of them are in constant use, especially for pediatricians. Some of these tabs are Medical prescription, Printing (where the professional can print certificates among other documents), Exam prescription, Growth curve, and Vaccine booklet, among others.

In the Ninsaúde Apolo record, the health professional can also decide between typing the evolution or dictating. By pressing the "Dictate" button, which is above the evolution field, everything the professional says, the system transcribes it to the medical record, thus bringing more agility to the service.

The professional can register text templates for situations that recur frequently. If you need to type a symptom, observation, or any information that you use repeatedly, just type an @ and the system shows all the text templates already saved, being only necessary to select one of them without having to type again.

Custom forms for anamnesis

With the form functionality of Ninsaúde Apolo, pediatricians can create anamnesis and insert them during evolution. Questions can include long or short text answers, date, numbers, multiple-choice, calculated field, double field, and yes/no answers.

With the calculated field, it is possible to insert a formula to generate a score or other calculations made by the system itself, such as the BMI for example. Forms are also used to generate the information that makes up the growth curve, another functionality available in the software.

The Ninsaúde team makes available some model forms for various specialties, so the health professional can start using the system with material ready for their care.

Growth curve

Growth assessment is an important tool to learn more about health. The growth curve is an international standard developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) used to monitor the growth and nutritional status of children based on their main measurements.

With the growth curve functionality of Ninsaúde Apolo, it is possible to follow the Z-Score and percentile simply by filling out the form with the child's weight, length, and head circumference. After filling out the form, as explained in the example above, just access the Growth curve tab, select the form and choose what information you want to view in the graph.

Note that the blue dot on the graphics is equivalent to the information entered on the form. At each new appointment, the health professional must insert a new form in the service and fill it in with the patient's updated data, so that they can follow their evolution in the growth curve.

Vaccine booklet

The vaccine booklet is another option that can be activated with the display tabs of the Ninsaúde Apolo medical record. With this functionality, the pediatrician can generate a mirror of the patient's vaccine card, inserting not only the immunizations that the patient has already had but also future immunizations that he should have.

Immunizations are already registered in the system with their respective names and age group, all that is needed is for the pediatrician to select and enter the date and dose, as in the example above. After inserting them, if you want to deliver a copy to the patient, you can also print the booklet.

Multiclinical and multi-professional agenda

Ninsaúde Apolo's agenda brings several features that add even more when including an appointment. If the clinic has more than one health professional, the secretary can view all the appointments, interspersing between the professionals, or if you prefer, you can view all the appointments for the day, of all the professionals, on the same screen.

If the clinic has more than one branch, it is also possible to separate these appointments by branch. In addition, you'll be able to define which users will be able to view or not the agenda of a certain branch so that secretaries and receptionists from different service locations don't get confused with the appointments.

Other advantages available when scheduling Ninsaúde Apolo are room registration and events. When registering rooms in the system, at the time the patient is scheduled, the secretary will be able to define in which room the service will be performed. Calendar events, on the other hand, can be used as a reminder or to block specific dates so that no patient is scheduled for that period.

Ninsaúde Apolo's schedule is also multiprocedural, that is, in the same schedule, it is possible to insert more than one service. And finally, let's not forget about online scheduling, a feature where the patient can schedule their appointment through the clinic's website or social networks.

Finance menu

When receiving appointments, it is important to use management software to record them to monitor the clinic's financial health. Expenses must also be informed in the flow, and this is possible with Ninsaúde Apolo.

All these features and many others are available in Ninsaúde Apolo, and they will be able to help not only the health professional but also the secretary and administrators of the clinic.

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