The term holding comes from the English "to hold", which means to hold, keep, own. So, as its name suggests, a holding company aims to maintain equity around it. But after all, why create a holding company, and what is a family holding for doctors?

A family holding company is a company whose corporate purpose is the administration of the family's assets, that is, a company that holds the participation of other companies. Created to house the family heritage, it allows that heritage to pass from the partner to his heirs, and this applies to doctors as well, which can be real estate, vehicles, equipment, and financial investments, among others.

Anyone is liable to suffer unexpected lawsuits, and this situation can be much more complex in the case of health professionals, as they take responsibility for people's lives. When facing problems with justice, whether due to a medical error or labor lawsuits in the clinic, the court may decide to block certain assets from the partner.

However, when these assets are taken to the capital of a holding company, justice is difficult to access them, allowing resolving this impasse and creating a strategy to protect its assets, that is, a holding company prevents the assets from being immediately blocked.

In short, the entrepreneur is a partner of company A, but the assets belong to company B. Therefore, the assets are no longer his, but the company that has that person as a partner.


Among the advantages of creating a holding company are the control and better management of properties and reduction of taxes, such as income tax, where you can reduce almost half. Besides, there is the great advantage that you can make the loss of assets difficult.

There is also a decrease in inventory costs. The inventory process in Brazil is long and costly, and estimates show that the cost can be around 10% to 15% of the assets that the person has acquired over a lifetime, while, with the use of a family holding company, this value is decreased by more than 50%.

Another point concerning inventories is that, if the holder of the assets of a family dies unexpectedly, the family may have all its assets blocked until the inventory comes out. With the use of a holding company, you can leave it in the death clause that once this person dies, this patrimony is automatically transferred to his heirs.

We can also highlight the issue of tax planning here. In some situations, such as when you receive rent from real estate you own, it may be cheaper to pay a tax to a company than to pay an individual tax. Today, in Brazil, an individual pays 27.5% tax on his income, while a legal person pays only 12%.

It is worth mentioning that the process of setting up a family holding company for doctors requires specialized technical monitoring in the matter, mainly because of the preparation of its social contract. However, its benefits are worth considering.