Dozens of people go through the clinic's reception every day, many of whom already have registered. However, these registrations must be properly updated, so check below for reasons to keep the registrations updated and always up to date and how to do it.

The work in the reception of a clinic is usually very busy since there are several tasks to be performed: scheduling appointments, confirming the patients' attendance, making charges, and maintaining the organization, among others. Knowing this, management systems for clinics have been developing increasingly better features to end the overload of secretaries and receptionists.

See the example of Ninsaúde Apolo. When a new patient wishes to schedule an appointment, when verifying that he does not have a registration, on the scheduling screen it is possible to register him quickly by entering his most important contact details, which are the name, e-mail, and cell phone, residential and commercial, thus streamlining the scheduling process.

In those cases where the scheduled patient already has a registration, it is also possible to update some data at the time of the appointment using a shortcut on the right, which allows changes to be made quickly.

A register has a lot of other information that will be inserted later, and this will be done as soon as the patient comes to the clinic. Many registrations have typos in their data, so an effective way to keep the registry updated correctly is to ask the patient to enter their data.

At Ninsaúde Apolo the patient can fill out their registration at the reception using a tablet, or a few days before the appointment at home, by sending the registration form via email marketing.

Registration ready, there's nothing else to worry about, right? Wrong! Often people go through changes in their lives, and many of these changes even interfere with a simple registration.

When the patient returns to the clinic, the idea is to always check if the data remains the same: phone, address, e-mail, and even last name. This is because many people when getting married acquire the surname of the partner, however when a divorce occurs there are changes in the documentation, so it is important to be aware of these details.

At Ninsaúde Apolo it is very easy to update a record, because in the agenda when the patient arrives at the clinic, there is the option "Receive patient", which is the place where the secretary can make the financial receipt of the consultation, place the patient in the waiting room, and of course, update his record and complete the missing information.

Keeping the record up to date is important not only for technical purposes but also helps in the patient loyalty process. With your birth date updated, for example, you can send birthday congratulations on the right date without making mistakes. Congratulations can also be sent via email marketing automatically, however for that not only your date of birth must be updated, but also your email address.

Although it does not seem, other data such as sex, profession, and marital status are also of paramount importance, especially so that the care with the health professional is more personalized and humanized.

An updated record is also important when generating reports and graphs that can assist the clinic in making decisions. For example, through the heat map available at Ninsaúde Apolo, it is possible to check where your patients are coming from and so you can know if your clinic is well located. However, for this the address of the patients must be complete and updated, otherwise, it may generate false information.

Now that it is easier to understand how important it is to keep the records updated and how to do it, it remains to be seen whether your clinic is already equipped with good software to assist in these tasks.

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