With the end-of-year festivities approaching, it is always important to remember fondly those who have been part of your journey over the last few months, or even the last few years. Patients and friends love to receive messages of affection on commemorative dates, and with the system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics, you will be able to create and schedule Christmas and New Year messages to make these people feel even more special.

The fact is that, not only in clinics but also in companies in general (mainly in commerce), sending year-end messages becomes something very common, and sometimes these messages become repetitive and very similar. Therefore, you must stand out and bring a differential, otherwise, it will be just one among many others.

In this article, we will help you create Christmas messages to send to your patients, and for that, you will have to rely on the help of the system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics, which has the functionality of E-mail Marketing. With this tool you can schedule the triggering of standardized messages for each type of patient, thus being able to define filters for sending, either by sex, age, or even service performed at the clinic.

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Here on the blog, we have already commented on E-mail Marketing Ninsaúde Apolo and we have already given several tips on how to use it. In addition, you can also read a complete tutorial on how the E-mail Marketing Clinic Ninsaúde Apolo works, which will make things easier when you need to schedule the sending of your emails. That said, let's go to tips on how you can captivate your patients with Christmas and New Year messages.

How to customize your email template

When using the E-mail Marketing system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics, you can use the filters to indicate who will receive your emails. Let's say you are the administrator of a multispecialty clinic, and among health professionals are pediatricians. Using the age filter, you may create a personalized message that will be sent only to patients of a certain age group, which makes it possible to focus on pediatric patients. Even in the case of a child patient, you know that it will be the parents who will read the e-mail, as it is probably their e-mail that will be on the registration form. This action makes it possible to make a connection with this patient, ensuring that their ties with the clinic are not lost.

Regarding the body of the email, the tip to make it more personalized is to use automatic text, which are variables that will be replaced by a clinic or patient information at the time the email is sent. An example of auto text to use in all email templates is the one that corresponds to the patient's name: [patient_name]. With this, you can start the message with a greeting where the patient's name appears at the beginning, which makes the message more targeted, and not something generic.

Email Templates

What we will bring next is not a series of email templates ready for you to copy and paste (although if you want you can do that). The intention here is to bring ideas that you can be inspired by and adapt to your target audience. If you're interested, you can also check out other ready-made templates that are available in our article "Happy Holidays Email Templates to Send to Patients".

Check out Christmas message ideas below that each type of specialty can use. Remember that in addition to the written text, you can also use images, which do not necessarily have to be the same as in the examples, but these are also worth inspiration.


Hello mom and dad,

The end of the year is approaching and with it the hope of new joys for the year to come. First of all, we would like to thank you for trusting us with the care of your most precious asset: [patient_name].

The beauty of being a child is seeing Christmas as it is, a moment of faith and hope where the simple illusion of waiting for Santa Claus, finding the present under the tree, and being together as a family, reflects everything we want most: peace of mind and happiness. We at the clinic [consultorio_nome] wish a merry Christmas and a prosperous new one to all your families, always remembering today's adults are the inspiration for tomorrow's children!



Hello [patient_name],

It's Christmas! Time for reflection and hope. May this climate allow us to reflect on the year that is ending and renew hope for new times. I wish you the most sincere wishes for happiness and prosperity in the year to come, and that together we can take care of your most precious asset: health!

"Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we are in a world full of commitments, we don't have a lot of time to take care of ourselves." - Michelle Obama

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year! That's what [office_name] wishes!



Christmas is a time of change, to spread the love and prepare for the good news of the year to come. The new year is synonymous with transformation, just as physiotherapy has the gift of transforming pain into love: love in movement! In this new year that is coming, always count on our clinic to continue to achieve what seemed impossible before. Physiotherapy is life, it's movement, it's believing! We believe that your Christmas will be amazing and that the new year will be full of achievements.

Merry Christmas and an excellent new year, are the wishes of [office_name].


Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists


Christmas has arrived, and one of the greatest gifts for self-esteem is the possibility of expressing the beauty inside you. May your Christmas be lit with love and bright with joy! And may the passage to the following year be full of health, peace, and prosperity.


Hello [patient_name],

This was a year full of surprises, struggles, and achievements. I couldn't close it with a golden key if I couldn't say how much your visit made my heart happy! In the same way, I would like to wish that all the good feelings of Christmas fill your heart, bringing more joy to each day of the New Year and that you can share all this with special people who are part of your life! And remember: with a healthy heart, there is room for endless emotions.

A merry Christmas and an excellent new year are what the [office_name] team wishes.


Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Hello [patient_name],

We had a year of immense reflections and changes in attitude. So this Christmas I want to tell you how special you are, and remember that it is always important to preserve affection, take care of those you love, and protect life so you can celebrate it. May the new year bring you a new journey full of joy, and may your New Year's Eve be as blessed as your Christmas!

Sincerely, [office_name].

We remind you once again that these messages can be adapted for other types of health professionals, but here we use examples with phrases more directed to the target audience of each specialty mentioned. These messages can also serve as inspiration for you to create your email templates. When finalizing the e-mail template, in the sending options, instead of programming for a specific date, you can select the "Christmas" option, which will organize to send it starting on the 20th of December (In some clinics, if the volume of recipients is very large, shipments may take longer).

E-mail Marketing Clinic Ninsaúde Apolo

In addition, you can still choose whether or not to use the automatic texts that we suggest, where [patient_name] is the patient's name and [office_name] is equivalent to the name of the clinic or office registered in the system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics.

About automatic texts, we also remember that they are variables that change according to the recipient of the email, therefore whenever you use [patient_name] in an email template, this variable will be replaced by the name of the patient who will be receiving the message.

So, did you like the tips? Keep following the blog for more content like this. Are you a healthcare professional but still don't use management software? Get to know the system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics.