Commemorative dates are great for strengthening ties and bringing health professionals even closer to their patients. A good way to do this is to send a personalized message so that the patient feels unique and special.

In the Ninsaúde Apolo management software, it is possible to program the triggering of emails that will be sent on specific dates such as patients' birthdays and Christmas, as well as the possibility to schedule them to be sent a few days before or after an appointment. In this case, it is possible to send the patient's registration form to be filled out at home or even a satisfaction survey after being attended to.

How to program a message?
To schedule a year-end message for patients, when accessing the email marketing functionality of the Ninsaúde Apolo system, the user must write the message and personalize it the way they prefer. Here on the blog, we have already commented on the best way to personalize email marketing on Ninsaúde Apolo, so that your message is not detected as spam.

In the shipping settings, the user must choose the "Christmas" option. When choosing this option, emails will start to be sent from the 20th of December. Although Christmas is celebrated five days later, the sending of e-mails begins earlier due to the large volume of registered patients that some clinics have, ensuring that their messages reach their recipients in time.

Now that you know how to use this software tool, check below the message templates you can send with Ninsaúde Apolo email marketing. You can also use these templates to send by SMS or Whatsapp (but not automatically as in email).

Note that the following models are composed only of texts, but we will leave below each one, an image that can be used along with the message. We do not recommend sending only images, as this type of e-mail may be detected as spam. Check it out below:

Model 1

Christmas is synonymous with affection and gratitude, which is why today, we look around and thank the incredible people and the great achievements we have in life. Merry Christmas to your client and friend, and may the year that is about to begin to be full of light and love!

Happy Holidays!

Model 2

So it's Christmas!

At this beautiful time of the year, I wish your heart is filled with light and your home is filled with love and happiness.

I wish you can live this happy time with your loved ones, sharing love, health, hope, and peace.

May it be another blessed Christmas, with many gifts but never forgetting that the most important are the smiles, hugs, and affection among all.

Happy Christmas!

Model 3

Hi [Addressee_name],

The best Christmas message is one that leaves our hearts in silence and warmly warms the hearts of those who accompany us on our journey through life.

Thank you for the confidence placed in our work, and that we can extend our partnership to the year to come. Happy Holidays!

Model 4


Another end of the year is coming, and with it once again the Christmas spirit arrives to soften our days, and bring brightness and joy to our lives.

We are grateful and happy to have lived more this year and to have had the opportunity to learn and grow, as professionals and people.

We wish you and your family a Christmas full of light New Year full of achievements! Much success, peace, love, and health to all.

Model 5

Hello, [Addressee_name] Merry Christmas!

For you and your whole family. May everyone together celebrate the birth of Jesus surrounded by happiness and harmony. May this time awaken in you the best feelings and they will come to stay in your heart.

Model 6


May this Christmas be the reason for the biggest smiles and an honest hope for the challenges that will come next year. This Christmas spread smiles, offer hugs, and make the light of this season shine even brighter with hope and kindness!


Model 7

Dear Client,

After a successful year, now is the time to enjoy and celebrate this magical season which is Christmas. We wish you a year-end filled with light, joy, and happiness. We thank you for your confidence in our work and hope that our partnership will continue to grow. Happy Holidays!

Model 8

The Christmas season has arrived! May feelings always appear in front of gifts, may our family remain united in the ways of the Lord, and may happiness reign forever in our home!
Let us remember all the graces that have been received and continue with hearts filled with the love of Christ!

Merry Christmas!

Model 9

Merry Christmas!
Let there be no lack of reasons in this very delicate time for good to come at any moment.
The best feelings should be in everyone's heart for the magic of this date to blossom. It is time to remember, thank, and acknowledge the wonderful surprises that life offers us.

Happy Holidays!

Model 10

Hello [Addressee_name],

This is the most magical time of the year! When the Christmas lights start to shine, our hearts start to warm up.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, full of charms, hugs, and love! I wish that you are close to those you love and that Christmas night is magical.

May the Christmas lights illuminate your path and may the year ahead be filled with achievements and happiness! Happy Holidays!