In isolation for 20 days, professionals from Santa Catarina (a Brazilian State) from the most diverse areas had to stop their activities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a publication made in the Official Diary of the State, starting this Monday, 06/04/20, the Government of Santa Catarina authorizes through ordinance No. 223 the return of self-employed workers, including health professionals.

Governor Carlos Moisés emphasizes that citizens should stay at home whenever possible, traveling only when extremely necessary and maintaining hygiene guidelines. It is worth remembering that according to Decree No. 535, the opening of shopping malls and commerce in general, until further notice, is still prohibited.

The release was made through rules established through an ordinance signed by the Secretary of State for Health, Helton Zeferino, and must be meticulously met so that we can win the battle against Covid-19 disease.

The rule of social distance must be respected, with individualized services avoiding the crowd of people in the waiting rooms. The environments must go through the correct cleaning as well as the use of PPE. If the professional has symptoms of Covid-19 or has a positive test result, he should remain in isolation.