When choosing medical software, several points must be noted, and among them, the advantages that the electronic medical record presents. The medical record should not only contain a field where the professional will type the patient's evolution, but also tools that can contribute to the care.

In the Ninsaúde Apolo software, some tools help from the receptionist to the clinic administrator, and with the health professional, it couldn't be different. For this reason, we have separated 10 advantages in using the electronic medical record Ninsaúde Apolo. It is worth mentioning that the items listed below refer only to the screen where the health professional will provide care, and not to the system as a whole.

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Legal Validity

Many health professionals fear the transition from paper to electronic medical records for security, and adaptation, among others. What few know, is that in reality, electronic medical records are safer than those made on paper, and like traditional medical records, it is also possible to give them legal validity through an electronic signature. Another fact is that not many software allows the medical record to be digitally signed, and Ninsaúde Apolo is one of them.

This is possible thanks to the use of a Digital Certificate, an electronic file that accompanies a digitally signed document, whose content is encrypted. The certificate accepted to validate medical records at Ninsaúde Apolo is type A1, an electronic document installed directly in the software that does not depend on cards or tokens for its use.

Dictate the evolution of the patient

Why write, if you can dictate? In the electronic medical record of Ninsaúde Apolo, from the moment the Dictate button is pressed, everything the health professional says, the software transcribes it for the patient's evolution, and to write again, just press the button again.


In addition to qualifying care, the use of telemedicine can bring other benefits to health professionals and the patient himself. With telemedicine integrated with Ninsaúde Apolo, the health professional performs the videocall while browsing the patient's history, thus providing a more accurate diagnosis.

To learn more about this functionality, check out our article on the arrival of telemedicine at Ninsaúde Apolo.

Growth curve

Growth assessment is an important tool to learn more about health. With the Ninsaúde Apolo system, pediatricians will be able to analyze the data of children from zero to five years old, through the growth curve existing in the electronic medical record.

For more details on this functionality, check out our article where we comment on how to use the growth curve of Ninsaúde Apolo.

Custom forms

With the Ninsaúde Apolo form templates, it is possible to create anamneses or forms for other purposes, so that they can be used in patient care. The health professional can include questions that can be answered with short text, long text, date, and numbers, in addition to the multiple-choice questions and calculated field, where he can perform automatic sums and generate scores with his results.

The differential of this functionality is that each health professional will be able to create their forms according to their specialty, thus evading standards imposed on ready models. Also, this tool allows the health professional to speed up the service while maintaining its quality.


One of the advantages of using Ninsaúde Apolo is the fact that users can attach files to the patient's record. This functionality can be used to insert videos, and images from before and after treatment, and digitize old medical records, exams, and documents, among others.

With this tool, the professional can insert the files in two ways: through the Files tab or the Google Drive tab, both available on the service screen (in the electronic medical record), as well as on the patient's record.

Another important point is that when using the Files tab, items are inserted directly into the system. With the Google Drive tab, in addition to being inserted into the system, a folder within the Google Drive account that was linked to the system is also created. Besides, using the Google Drive functionality, you can limit access to files to only users who have access to linked email. In the Files tab, it is also possible to make restrictions, but these are directly linked to the user's registration.


The Ninsaúde Apolo odontogram is a tool that aims to facilitate the assistance of health professionals in the field of dentistry. With it, when selecting a tooth, it is possible to choose whether the procedure will be done on the tooth, on the root, or the face, and when choosing the face, there is the possibility to paint them according to the status of the service (to be done, done, redone and in progress).

When selecting a tooth, it is also possible to select the type of illustration that will be shown according to the service: endodontic treatment, with a pin, missing tooth, or implant. If the health professional selects several teeth at once, other options for illustrations are available: orthodontic appliance, fixed adhesive prosthesis, removable partial denture, or fixed partial denture.

Text templates

As well to the functionality of dictating, the text templates aim to speed up the service bringing more practicality to the health professional, without losing the quality of the work performed.

With this tool, the health professional can create texts of situations that are repeated among patients, and save them as a model. The goal is that when it is necessary to assist a patient that fits that standard, use the finished text without the need to type it. To use it, just type an @ and the system shows all the saved text templates, then just select the one you need.

Cards and graphics

Within the service screen, some features are intended to bring quick information about the patient, as is the case with cards and graphics. The cards act as reminders at the top of the screen, and currently, there are nine types of cards available to the health professional, and he can keep up to four of them fixed on the screen, including the form chart card. In this option, after filling out a form several times, the system creates a graph where it is possible to analyze the results obtained through the treatment being performed.

The graphs are also available individually, in a tab, where the results can be analyzed in line, column, or table graph formats. This tool is used in cases where the patient usually visits with a certain frequency, and when this happens, the health professional needs to make a comparison between the data entered in the forms.

So, did you like the features? We hope so!

Bearing in mind that all the advantages presented above are related to the screen on which the health professional performs the service and inserts the patient's evolution, however, the software as a whole has many other features.

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