We used to say that innovation is the engine of organizations, and as the famous quote by economist Tom Peters says, "For the excellent company, innovation is the only permanent thing".

Bringing innovations in healthcare is something that benefits not only healthcare professionals but mainly patients and society in general. Check out some of the advantages that innovation can bring to everyone.

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Cost reduction

A very current example that we can mention is the use of Telemedicine. Currently, even with social isolation, health professionals can provide care even at home, using this technology. Patients also take advantage of this, as there is no need to travel to the office.

We cannot forget to mention the software, such as Ninsaúde Apolo, a complete system for clinics and offices. With the functionality of the system, in addition to eliminating the use of papers, it is possible to work with a reduced team, such as at the reception, as confirmation of consultations is done automatically, in addition to other advantages that the software can offer.

Increased productivity

With the help of software, as mentioned above, in addition to reducing costs, there is an increase in productivity. Teams that rely on innovative technologies can put aside repetitive tasks and dedicate themselves to technical or strategic actions.

Imagine that at the reception of a clinic there are two people, one of whom spends hours and hours calling patients to confirm appointments. This can be easily changed with an SMS confirmation application or even automatic confirmation with sending via WhatsApp.  With that, the time that was spent on a simple task can be better used by performing other functions.

Patient autonomy

Currently, if a patient is unable to contact a clinic via telephone during business hours, it is still possible to schedule an appointment through websites that provide online scheduling. Clinics and offices that use Ninsaúde Apolo, can enjoy this functionality, as well as their patients.

Today we also have several applications that assist in health monitoring. As an example of this we can mention the application mySugr - Diabetes Diary, where it is possible to control your blood sugar with some very useful tools, such as Bolus Calculator, hbZ1c (HbA1C) estimation, carbohydrate and blood glucose tracker, among other options. It is indicated for Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes.

Greater agility and less time spent

In addition to the points mentioned above, such as the fact that it is quick to confirm appointments, one of the biggest innovations in the health field that reflects the time spent by health professionals is robotic surgery.

In Brazil, the use of surgical robots began in 2008, and since then, this practice has grown exponentially, this being the country in Latin America that most performs this type of surgery. Robotic surgeries (minimally invasive) result in shorter operating times and reduced scarring. The patient also has advantages, as he needs a shorter recovery period.

Robotic arm used in surgery.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” —Theodore Levitt.