Using the Ninsaúde Apolo software on your cell phone is very easy. Just be connected to wifi or 4G and have an internet browser that supports the system's functionality.

Ninsaúde Apolo can be used on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, and for that, no installations are necessary, this is because it is cloud software, so you just need to be connected to the internet.

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Just like on the computer, when accessing the system by cell phone you only need an internet browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, as it is the only one that supports all its features well.

Other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge also work well but may have limitations, such as using the "Dictate" button during the attendance(which only works with Google Chrome). If your smartphone is an iPhone, we do not recommend using your default browser (Safari), as it also does not support all system functionality well.

There is no application to install, but after accessing the system through the browser, you can create a shortcut for it on the home screen, just follow the step by step that we teach in the article "How to add Ninsaúde Apolo to the home screen of your computer, smartphone or tablet".

After logging into the system via your cell phone, you will notice some differences in the way you view some items on the screen. This is because, compared to the computer, which has a wider screen, the phone has a narrower screen, so the main difference is the absence of description in the items, viewing only its icons. Observe the example below, on the attendance screen (medical records):

While on the computer the prescription tabs, printing, files, etc., are visible with the icon and the description beside, on the smartphone only the icons are visible, to occupy less space on the screen.

To check the usability of Ninsaúde Apolo on a mobile phone, watch the video below.

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For more information about the software, contact us, and request a demo with one of our salespeople.