Youtube has become a large social network widely used for the dissemination of business content, and in the area of health, it has been no different. As an example, we can highlight Dr. Dráuzio Varella, who started 2011 a channel that today has almost 1.5 million subscribers. Its channel is described as “the largest health channel in Brazil” where it addresses issues ranging from colds to social issues.

So, have you considered the possibility of having your own YouTube channel? Below we list some tips on how to use this tool correctly and deliver quality videos, not forgetting, of course, to obey the rules imposed by CFM (Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine) regarding the dissemination of online content.

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What does it take to create a channel?

In addition to having a Google account (a Gmail, for example), you need some basic equipment like a camera, a tripod, and maybe even a microphone that can be quite simple like the lapel. It is not necessary to have a professional camera since smartphones today have cameras with great resolution. Regarding the scenario, you can use your clinic or office room, preferably where there is good lighting and silence at the time of recording.

Follow a script

It is important to prepare scripts before starting your recordings so that the videos are clearer and more objective. In these scripts, establish how the initial approach to the subject, development, and conclusion will be, which can be done in topics or in plain text. You do not need to memorize this script because it will address a subject that you already have mastered, but it is important to establish the main points to be addressed.

Use didactic language

Remember: you are producing content for patients, that is, laypeople on the subject, so it is very important that the language used in the videos is as simple as possible so that the information is easily understood.  Another important point is to be objective and to go straight to the point because generally, those looking for this type of content want to have quick information and not necessarily entertainment.

Video title, description, and tags

When uploading a video to Youtube, it is necessary to correctly fill in each of the fields so that it is more easily found by those who are researching that topic. In the title, be very clear about the subject matter and avoid click baits, which is a tactic that uses exaggerated titles in order to generate online traffic. A good description pointing out the points covered briefly also helps to boost the video better, besides being able to take advantage of this space to insert your other social networks. Finally, don't forget the markings, or tags, which are keywords related to the theme that will help your video to stand out better in searches.

Share on social media

After some time on the air, some people will reach your channel through searches for certain subjects. However, before that, for your channel to gain some subscribers and become known among the public, disclosure is necessary. If you already have a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, you can advertise through these social networks. Create posts in the timeline or even in the Stories, always inserting the link in the description and mentioning the name of the channel, this will arouse the curiosity of your followers who will later be able to access your videos.