To protect people and reduce the spread of Covid-19, on March 20, 2020, through the Federal Official Gazette, the Brazilian Minister of Health, Henrique Mandetta, determined that during the pandemic the use of telemedicine for appointments, be allowed from March 23.

According to Article 2 of Ordinance 467: “Telemedicine actions of distance interaction may include pre-clinical care, assistance support, consultation, monitoring, and diagnosis, through information and communication technology, within the scope of SUS, as well as in private and supplementary health. ”

(SUS - Brazilian Health Unic System)

As recommended by CFM, the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine, outpatient care should be suspended to avoid crowding in medical centers and offices. Regarding surgical patients, the recommendation given was to postpone elective surgeries, maintaining only those that are urgent. These measures are extremely important so that the virus does not spread and so we can minimize this situation as quickly as possible.

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How to perform distance service?

A simple way to make your calls remotely is through video calls. Google offers a simple yet effective (and free) tool called Google Hangouts. To use it, just be connected to your Google account, like Gmail, for example.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will notice an icon with nine dots that form a square. Click on it, and then select the Hangouts option. After pressing on each call and allowing the use of the camera and microphone, you can invite a patient via email or by copying the link and sending it through WhatsApp, for example.

How to make a prescription from a distance?

After performing the service, it must be recorded in a medical record, and the health professional can also perform the medical prescription. With the Ninsaúde Apolo software, the health professional will be able to use prescription documents for large pharmacy chains, to accept and supply medicines to patients.

To use is very simple. On the "prescription" screen or the "impression" of the Ninsaúde Apolo tab (exclusive areas of the medical attendance), after finalizing and saving the prescription, the health professional must press the COVID button 19.

Then, you will have a customer key and a prescription key, and that key must be shared with the patient, by email or WhatsApp, as shown in the following example:

With this key, the patient must go to the pharmacy and open it through the website by inserting the code of the key sent by the professional, and then press on to view the prescription.

If you prefer, the patient can print at home, however, we suggest that the site should be opened at the pharmacy, and the document printed on the spot so that you can avoid any inconvenience or doubts regarding the veracity of the document. We also emphasize that we cannot say whether all pharmacies will accept this type of prescription, so the ideal is to stay informed so that you can better instruct the patient at the time of purchase.

Digital signature

If the health professional already uses a digital signature at Ninsaúde Apolo, there is nothing to worry about, the document will already be legally validated and duly signed.